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what keeps us on

Posted in QLP (QuickLilPoem) by dearestfriend on October 24, 2007

Ever thought what keeps you going
Is it that great career or that great partner
Or that raise in pay or the girl on next table
Or the baby yet to come
or the next little glint in eyes
What gets us out in rainy day
and makes a promise for us to stay
Sometime you cannt buy it with all the money
Its just that little fire in belly


Breaking the writing ice…

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on October 23, 2007

Oh god.. how can I be so insensitive to a less-known author in me.. Its fine If I am not one of hugely popular blog.. And May be no one asked me to write a novel.. 😉 still I owe my inner author this writing space.
I always thought writing was exhilarating to me. Then what happened.. Was I greedy for only writing if anyone reads? I think that ‘s like a conditional love. And it s always bad. You either like doing something or you don’t.
So busy bee is back to write at her less known place. But I am glad that some people were reading it.. I mean i have not touched it in past 30 days.. And I still see occasional small hikes in my readerships. Thank you dear readers, who give chance to someone like me.. Thanks thanks thanks.. It really means a lot to me.
I had been uselessly busy in all things unimportant. Sometimes you know how you get stuck in some useless stuff.. It likes never ending. I need to post a picture of recently painted card. I will I will I will. I promise this to myself..