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Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on April 27, 2009

Ok this is monday morning and I am summarising my thoughts for week here. I have been heavily sad with some latest news.. A bay area gal (Sandra Cantu) gets assaulted by a WOMAN!!!!! and killed!!!!…
God save us, Dont know if we really are human. May be we are just animals , howelse you will explain this henious act..
There is one more sadistic story about Caylee Anthony of Florida.. Which is suspected to be murdered by her own MOM!!!!!!Ladies give me a break.. I have never known female in this Avatar. Am I primitive types or what.. These are unthinkable crimes in my wildest thinking.

Then there is this OSCAR winning movie, which is called Slumdog millionare. I saw this movie on DVD. And it has been on my mind since then. It is all real and I cannt deny it. But being an Indian what amazes me , how britishers still love to paint picture of ONLY POOR INDIA. Why they dont make movies on Indians who have managed to be top riches on forbes in their Own Briton land.. I think that also calls for some british attention. Though I am happy for the folks who could fetch Oscar for their work. but then racist flavor of oscar comes out wide open, when you wonder same musicians’s bestest works never got enlisted. And while he does mediocre song number for a british director for some controversial movie. He gets an oscar!!!!
Wow!! Who said there is no racism in oscars.. Please ask us Indians.. We will explain it happily.



Love you baby…

Posted in My lil Boy by dearestfriend on April 17, 2009

Hello all,

Back from prolonged hibernation . It feels good to be back atleast. I was busy having baby and changing diapers. My lil boy is now 3 months and 7 days old. Got back to work and got enough sanity to resume my regular life.

Being mom is like out of this world. You have no idea until you become one. Once you become, its forever. Best thing about being mom, its most rewarding experience you will have after being self reliant. No doubt its full of challanges, conceiving, holding on to 9 months, child birth, post partum etc, none of it is joke. Its all seriously life changing events. I will write more later. For now just glimpse of the bliss.. I love being mom so much that I want to shout aloud from rooftop… Love you baby!!!!