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Love the word “Love”

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on May 8, 2009

Not sure if it s just me or many who feel like this..
Once in a while even in a seemingly happy life, we feel this emptiness of not being Loved…
I mean how you feel that you love everyone around and there is no one who loves you. So empty feeling… It happens to me once in a while.. And they you know what I do ?

I just cling to the word love.. I feel its so positive and magical to let despair last.. Sometime I feel when you love everyone around you, you get so free of clutter inside. I practically see the dirt of misunderstandings, schemes and hatred washing away in my own heart..

I know its too personal post.. But what the heck.. Lot of people do it.. I mean talk about their lives on their blogs.. While its been a year for this blog. I havent been able to find my own niche in writing. So trying this party as well. Do let mw know how it sounded to you..

See ya