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Hello Folks,

Starting this blog quite late in game. But I hope better late than never. You can expect an interesting collection of my own written stories or poems here.
I don’t look for more than merely putting my thoughts here. And occasionally seeing someone comment on it makes the process more interesting. I aspired to be author one day. So would never have interest to copy anyone’s writings. But please if you like something, don’t copy it without sharing with me. It ‘s my fictional creation. And i want to own it.

Thanks for reading it 🙂



Addition after Apr 2.. I thought of adding more about me. Cos if I have to read anyone’s blog. This is where i start first. It gives a glimpse of blogger’s mind and personality and also the things they plan to achieve through their blog. I think its always thin line between being entriely open in your blog and being finely refined and yet spontaneous 🙂 I prefer the second one. Cos my moral in life.. If you are doing anything which makes you think twice.Chances are you not doing it your natural self.
That brings a good point.. I would like to jott down about me in these one liners. Which dont take too much time to read ..yet they explain everything we want to convey…..

Moral in life —
“If you are doing anything which makes you think twice.Chances are you not doing it your natural self.”

Happiest moment —
So far .. Getting first paycheck, My marriage day, High school result day, graduation day… actually this list can go really long.. bcos i think I tend to be too happy even for smallest things..

Favorite color —
Red, Orange, Yellow, Parrot green

Favorite Punch lines —
“Lets see” , “actually..”,”You think so ? ”

Childhood dream —
to become big .. didnot know what :-).. then dream changed to become some inluential person in power.. Then realised power is boring and corrupt.. then to be learned person.. then got tired of learning .. wanted to be creative person.. now may be the next is to find which creative field can give me livelihood.

Biggest Fetish —
doing everything to its perfection — sometimes that gets me cleaning the same kitchen almost everyday 🙂

Most memorable day —
A day in boathouse in Kerala backwaters

What will I do If I get 1 million dollars suddenly —
Divide it equally in all my siblings and relatives 🙂 No seriously I would. I feel money takes your own people away..

What will do If one fine day I find I am the only alive person —
I will go pick all my favorite shoes and decorate in my shoe rack 🙂

One thing I want to change in this world —
people thinking too much of themselves

If world’s biggest leader ask my advice on what to do next —
Ignore fundamentalists, Focus on growth, Generate more money, Spread more hope, Dont garner fear, encourage positive and fearless next generation growth and Don’t steal anything… 😉

If I have to explain ‘God’ in one line —
He listens…

Addition after Sept 05,07′

I keep adding about me, Because I think I should be changing every few months.. Adding new things and leaving old things…

– Last fun thing I did…Made a religious swing for Janamashtami.. Hindu festival…But actually I had lot of fun visting Michael’s for it 😉 and out some 3 hours to make whole thing.. How easy I am with using time 😉

– Weiredest Thing I want to try — put my hand in the vessel with live cockroches.. and feel them 😉
One more thing I want to try.. Slap someone in broad daylight and on street full of crowd…

– funniest line I have said recently — You know my husband, He always says.. He s glued to my cooking.. So glued that he can feel the glue in stomach 🙂

– Stupidest thing I have done recently– put my hand in garbage disposer and turn it on…

”Jan 2008

Lets reflect on last year..

Things which went very right — I think day to day life.

Things which dont go so right — Long term vision of life.

Things I wanted to do , but could not really do – Paint those canvasses lying in cupboard, Make the rainforest for the toys, Make one hand emroidered rug for home, Learn Musical instrument, Learn Ballet, read some new fifty books..

New year resolves

Things I want to do – Take the trash out of life.

Things I want to learn – Just do it, whatever is there in your mind.

Things to preach to myself – Dont put up with anyone’s trash.

Things Not to do – Please everyone and hurt yourself in the process.

Addition on April 2009…

– Life is as beautiful as rose these days.. I have my cute lil boy in my hand every morning I get up. Biggest bliss in my life. May life be nice to him.

Physical fitness is one thing I need to have as top priority. Though I am avid reader but off late havent touched any book .. Need to change it..

Also I need to have one little space in my life just for myself. Thats something I am missing off late.
rest I wouldn’t change anything in me..

Love all.

June 2009…

Few words I have been telling myself off late..

— JUST DO IT…. 🙂 Of course its pertaining to weight loss I need to do to be back to my slim self..

July 2010
Pheewww.. Mom to toddler now..Life goes very fast .. for resolution above for weight loss. I did loose all the weigth I wanted after preggers. Now I am back to pre-preg weight. Pat onback for it..

Addition in “About Me” would be, I gigle more and care less after having a angel with me. I am already turning into paranoid mom wondering I just have another 16 yrs with him, before he goes out for college..
If You ever read this one my baby!!! Thank for blessing me with all your giggles, hugs and kisses. Life was never so beautiful as it is now with you.


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  1. alison73 said,

    Thank you for the kind thoughts on my blog.

    Are you from India? You’ve certainly been there. I’ve been a couple of times, but mainly in the north from Delhi down to Rajastan and Varanasi. It’s wonderful.

    Keep up the writing.

  2. Yes, I am from India. And from Northern India,(delhi). I am glad you found it wonderful.


  3. Om said,

    Hi Zeya,
    Thanks for being in my page ..and leaving those comments….I liked your comments.

    I really enjoyed reading your blogs…will visit more soon..right now bookmarking it.


  4. Sure. Thanks for visting.

  5. Gaurav Varma said,

    Hi Zeya
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Visit again. Nice blog u have here!

  6. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. Jo Jo said,

    This sight is just the lol of my world. 🙂

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