Just write something …

Breaking the writing ice…

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on October 23, 2007

Oh god.. how can I be so insensitive to a less-known author in me.. Its fine If I am not one of hugely popular blog.. And May be no one asked me to write a novel.. 😉 still I owe my inner author this writing space.
I always thought writing was exhilarating to me. Then what happened.. Was I greedy for only writing if anyone reads? I think that ‘s like a conditional love. And it s always bad. You either like doing something or you don’t.
So busy bee is back to write at her less known place. But I am glad that some people were reading it.. I mean i have not touched it in past 30 days.. And I still see occasional small hikes in my readerships. Thank you dear readers, who give chance to someone like me.. Thanks thanks thanks.. It really means a lot to me.
I had been uselessly busy in all things unimportant. Sometimes you know how you get stuck in some useless stuff.. It likes never ending. I need to post a picture of recently painted card. I will I will I will. I promise this to myself..


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