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My inner guide

Posted in QuotesByMe by dearestfriend on February 22, 2007

Never think twice when your heart tells this is right

Never wait to fall in love, chances are you are being victim of  opportunism.

Always keep one last thread inside you dettached from every relationships you may be in. In case of any adversity this thread can get you going

Right match is when you meet a girl who tells you upfront, “You are really not her dream guy, but she somehow cann’t get out of you.”

Pregnancy can be bliss in thoughts too 🙂

Wear new shoes more often, It will make you love yourself more.

Everyday find one reason to thank God, Then forget about it.

Smile is when you think and cannot stop the thought.

Food is what goes into taste buds just through nose 🙂

Smile often, You always look good with that.

Compliment people more often , more genrious, but never in-genuine, Sure you would get some back.

Do one good to atleast one-child once a week.


May You rest in peace Anna!

Posted in Social fabric,Wisdom by dearestfriend on February 22, 2007

I have been thinking about undue coverage media is giving to Anna Nicole Smith and her untimely death.

I was never big fan of her. And I know too little to say she was good or bad as a professional. And I choose not to comment about people ‘s personal choices. But this has gone beyond “way too out of control”.

There is 6 month’s old baby, whose mother died for whatever reasons. She has 4 fathers fighting for her. And I don’t know how much money people are eyeing here. Materialism to the extent that dear ones are fighting over the “dead-body” ..where to bury it 😦

Sad! very sad. To hear that Dear ones care so much that they let the dead body decay, while they fight. What an “affection simulated by money” can create in your life. So much affection , that they wouldn’t let your burial happen. and let you decay. I am no one to say, your way of life was wrong or right. But i feel pity for the kid you have left behind. I wish someone gives sense to those greedy “loved-ones”.

Anna, Your death gives me one lesson and I think other also can take that lesson.

Never leave your child unattended in hands of people who are with you just for your money.

A lil poem for my future Kid-to-be…… Souvie

Posted in QLP (QuickLilPoem) by dearestfriend on February 12, 2007

Your little thought make me wonder,

If you are around here

How you can not exist now and come sometime later

How you can be my and Tun’s mixed replica

How you can come out of me and still be yourself

Just how you would call me Mumma and Tun your papa..

Would I make a bad and screaming mum to you

Or a very forgiving ever loving one

Why i feel the surge of love in me when I think of you

My Dear Souvie, I dont know if you will be boy or a gal. but for now just for fun i want to assume it’s a son

Will you be flirtatious or very serious one

How you could get your pa’s charms and still my heart

Would you come to quiet me when i cry my heart out

I would pray you get your pa’s masculine voice and my gentle heart

You get his height and my complexion

You get his brains and my soul

I can’t wait for you  to come

I know you find it funny that I am not even pregnant yet

And thinking so much of you

You know thoughts have huge power to attract the results

Just how you could come and sit in our car

Ok Souvie Talk to you later, got to get back to work.

Luv ya


Here comes the fiction

Posted in Fiction,My short stories by dearestfriend on February 8, 2007

I thought of jotting down the couple of characters , bunch of short stories.. what keeps going in my mind. This is truly a fiction, not my real life. But this just surface in my mind..

………………….You Scare me!

A small picturesque Village, nice little home, dusky evening and an old lady. She is sitting quietly in her armchair. The body which seems to have seen some half a century of springs, still has its grace intact. If you look at those eyes, they may as well remind of last angel you dreamt off. In this age, when your desires and actions don’t vary much. There is something very strange about this woman. Having  led an amazing celebrity status career,  there is no trace of luxury and opulence at this house. There is dense and thick simplicity woven around all over the house. The house which has it urbane cum ethnic look doesn’t boast more than ten pieces of furniture in the whole  house. You can’t see single photo frame anywhere. There seems no trace of past. Probably the owner wants to run away from its past. Just one little corner might grab your attention with its empty cage. Look like the cage seems to have occupied some bird in past.

Do I have to go that boring mass yet today, arose a question in Aiza’s mind. Being an immigrant sometime leaves you at the crossroads of two different cultures , where you don’t seem to take either road. She shrugged her mind. I wish Thebey comes today also. At least I can talk about my last shopping venture. Lot of thoughts, yet one recurring thought , what to do about this mass. There is mass for Late Mr Edward, who lived near to her house. He occasionally said hello and whats ups. Nothing more than that. Except one time, when he collapsed on his door. That time weather it was fate or some weired luck. I was just parking my car after a boring grocery shopping. I just heard some noisy sound of someone falling and shouting. Living alone in old age , can be scary. I rushed to his door. Just reached little late. He was almost unconscious. He being some fifteen years older than me, I got worried he may have had some cardiac arrest. I just dialled couple of health services number. One ambulance came up in few minutes. Doctors told he had his second cardiac arrest. It could have been fatal, if he didn’t get help in time. I didn’t know what to think of it. I felt a bit wretched about the whole concept of individuality. Living for oneself is good. But so much that there is just no one , you can rely on in your last hours is really scary.

Gradually Mr Edwards were showing signs of recovery. He would address me , fat lil angle, FLA for short 🙂 kindda funny. I never opposed it. So I was fla for him for couple of months and then two days back, Edward called to say , “I may be seeming very busy and very occupied. But the truth is I find this is time to say good bye to all around me. It may sound formal, but I really want to thanks for these extra few months I could get because of your generous help.Thank you” I kind of found that formal. But that s what his life was. So i just said, “dont talk like that. Life has many more years for you.” Next day morning there were couple of cars outside his house. Out of curiosity I too went to know whats going on. Came to know Edward called each and everybody till middle of night and then last call he made to his only son Robert. And he told him to come early morning next day. Robert did come on time to find Mr edward sleeping forever.

“ahh, not again.” my head is so heavy. Kind of loaded. “What I am scared off?” ………..Ummm may be a similar end.. life can be scary when you don’t have diversions. Ahh lord, thank god ! I have Thebey walking in my home. She is some twenty something charming Girl from Botswana. I find her too cool for her kind of experience. If you know what she has gone through.  You would wonder too. Anyway, I am trying desperately to get some comforting words for me too.

Hey  Thebey, I missed you terribly… I said.

Thebey with her as usual big smile said, “I know you little Old lady, you missed me for those dirty dishes..”

Well kind of, we both missed you. She is wearing a  nice olive green skirt today. Is there something special today? I muttered..

“Well you want to know everything, don’t you?”

Yes, today is my Kid’s dance rehearsal, And you know she doesn’t like if I go in regular clothes.. So .

Life has different troubles for different people. I am scared of meeting Edward’s end for me. Thebey is scared of her toddlers’ anger. Her daughter is scared of her peer’s reaction..

Oh lord, why you made this world so complicated..

Just then, There is door bell. I always appreciate these doorbells in day time. But who can this be.

No one called in to meet. Well it turns out to be Lizzy. A widow with her kid , she comes sometimes to see my health. She is practicing nurse. But usually she calls beforehand. what brought her like that?

Good evening Aiza. How are you ?

Hey Nice to meet you. I am good. Its pleasure to see you here. But i kind of suspect something. I hope everything is fine.

Yeah Aiza, You are right. I kind of keeping away from my home for today. Got an really bad landlord. He thinks he could try his luck in return of his stupid house. He wants to give the house to me. And he thinks I am all too poor to pay for it. So i could do something else for him.

What?? What rubbish is this? Why you didn’t complain for him in community? You gotta vacate this house. Oh lord. Where this world is going?

So what have you thought next? I asked.

I don’t know , thinking of going to some small village where I can pay up the rent without owners realising its hard to meet the ends for me.

umm.. thats too much to think.

Suddenly Viyan gets up from her sleep and starts wondering where she is. Hello My lil doll , you are at your old aunt’s place. Come we’ll play for tonight. we’ll go for a walk.

Seeing her twinkling eyes, I don’t know how to stick to this empty individuality of my privacy. After having conflicting thought for a while . I put forward my thought, How about this, you folks can stay with me, as regular tenants and need not pay anything. Just the meal 🙂

Lizzy was like, No way.. i didn’t come to burden you. I just came to have some relief for day or two. I will sort out something.

I dont know if Lizzy decides or not. But i have kind of made up my mind to live in hope than in fear till I live. So what.. yes I am getting ready to go the mass. 🙂