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My ACL injury

Posted in ACL Injury by dearestfriend on January 21, 2008

Its no fun to talk about this injury. Like all hurts you are better off without getting this one too.
But If your stars are bad, or you are too prone to push yourself and you have landed it . You will need loads and loads info to get over it.

I got my ACL torn in left on dec 16 2007. That makes it sixth week of my injury. I am much aware and settled with this now. Hence I can talk about it.
Day 1

How I got it.
I am a beginner Skiier and it was second day of my skiing. I was thinking I am improving. And little did I know I will be banned for whole season. 😦 Not good thing to happen. But like all unfortunate things, It happens.

So I was going downhill. and speed became too much. My binding didnot release and due to my constant attempt to stop it I twisted my knee way too much. And I landed on snow. Like all other previous falls, I got up and was trying to put the skii back. My knee didnot have strength to buckle up the ski. I thought of relaxing a bit. I sat down. Tried to get up after few minutes and felt like I will die with this pain. Finally got patrol people to help me. They had put me in the trolley and dragged me down. I had experience how it feels to be dead body and be driven around. One of bad things to experience.

As usual Ski-town clinic, I got x-ray done. Doctor didnot say much except suspected ligament injury. I got knee braced and crutches. I was so unaware of ligament injury, that I was telling my husband. we will be back next week here and then I will skii better. Little ignorant me.

Day 2

I was back at home. I got my doctor’s appointment and living in oblivion. There was lot of pain due to swelling and immobilizer. In nights I got up crying couple of times. Firstly immobbilizer will not let you sleep. Even if you get sleep, it will be distureb every few hours with pain. I could put any weight on injured knee. I had to use cructhes to go from one room to other. And restroom menace made me cry so many times. I used to be one of those to use restroom at last 0.000001 th second. And with crutches and brace I was misjudging my timing all the time.

Ice pack used to help tremendously. i was doing it as often I could.
Day 3

Visited Orthopaedic surgeon
He looked at swelling and observed range of motion (how much I could bend the knee). And he declared its ACL tear and it would need surgury for sure. I was not happy with the quickness he arrived at decision. But before My husband and I could settle with reality. Doc mentioned we should also get MRI done to know about other tissue damage.
We booked appointment for MRI, we didnt any until Day 11.
Doc suggested to do stationary bike and leg up excercises.

Day 4-10

Pain was reducing every day. I was able to put some weight on my left knee.

Day 11.

I got my MRI done. It feels irritating to hear those blurring sounds for 90 minutes. You wonder what happened to accoustic advancements. I asked assistance if she can run through quickly to tell me something positive. She said she doesnot how to read these. I was surprised to know assistant didnot want to enhance her own knowledge.
I had to wait impatiently for doctor’s appointment on day 16.

Day 12 -15

Pain had almost gone. And I could sleep though night easily. And I was able to walk without cructhes. But I was definitely limping.

Day 16

I visited doctor, he had already studied my MRI. His diagnosis, ACL is completely torn. No aparent damage to meniscus. But he didnt rule out surgury. He said my knee was far from ready for surgury.
He suggested to continue to bike and leg ups.

Day 17 – day 27

I have been biking for 30 minutes per day. And Leg ups around 30 or so. Knee was getting better. But it always felt unstable and hanging types. Before goign ahead with surgury I decided to take second opinion from other doc.

Day 28

Visted second doctor. He also suggested the same. He made me feel my lost ligament. Which was very educative experience.

Day 30

I visted my primary surgeon for his review on my knee. He found my knee progressing well this time. He gave go ahead for surgery on Feb 1.

Day 31 -38

Its virtually painless knee. But definitely unstable knee. I can walk short distances. But if try to stand longer times. Knee starts paining.

So that was update so far. From here I will update this info more often.
For now , I am all set to get the surgery on feb 1. I have read up a lot on knee injuries. One thing I had observed reading other’s stories. It s very subjective healing. So I definitely anxious on my own healing. But I am not worried per say. Just waiting to be normal back.