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More than 5 “Beautiful Thoughts” for today -7th

Posted in QuotesByGreats by dearestfriend on May 31, 2007

I was checking my own archives and I realized I lost touch with this series. This is one of my major guiding force in life. How could i just miss it? May be I can say I was running too fast to work on self-improvement.. Here are some quotes to catch up on this.. These are my picks out of loads of quotes I collect, As usual the last few are the best..

Facts are stupid things. – Ronald Reagan

The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.
– Muhammad Ali

Men willingly believe what they wish. – Julius Caesar

No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness. – Aristotle

Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom. – Walter Benjamin

Anger is a weed; hate is the tree. – Saint Augustine

Common sense is the measure of the possible; it is composed of experience and prevision; it is calculation applied to life. – Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender. – Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god. – Francis Bacon

Flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver. – Edmund Burke

The upper classes are a nation’s past; the middle class is its future. – Ayn Rand

The chief difference between words and deeds is that words are always intended for men for their approbation, but deeds can be done only for God. – Leo Tolstoy

You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question. – Albert Camus

To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent. To do what is impossible for talent is the mark of genius. – Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. – Francis Bacon

The changes in our life must come from the impossibility to live otherwise than according to the demands of our conscience . . . not from our mental resolution to try a new form of life.
– Leo Tolstoy


Happiness unbound

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on May 31, 2007

Have you ever felt too dazed to express yourself.. I did recently..
Though it s personal good news ..But I guess reflection of happiness makes me wonder.. How we react to things.. I just came to kno.. My brother’s wife is expecting.. And i was just too full of positivity around me.. If you see practically, nothing is changed in my life as such.. But just a prospect of a beautiful addition in family.. makes me forget all that should be forgotten ideally

I mean the mundane things which bore the hell out of us. With work/life balance stuff. I dont have much free time but I guess. Running around the clock itself gets on you at times..
Something I do to break the routine of life…

Treat my feet some luxury pedicure by myself 🙂

Visit bookshop especially the comic sections

take all my good dresses out and try them out

Buy some addictive perfumes

Try a new recipe

Jog little longer than usual

Buy shoes 😉

Call a frend and talk indefinitely

take my oil colors out and dust them off 🙂

Set up the wardrobe.. I tell you its a big relieving thing for me..

Reorg my kitchen.. where I am the queen 🙂

Paint a greeting card

Buy something new to decorate the house…

Would be happy to know your tricks to break your boredom ……..

You are what you read

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on May 29, 2007

I have read this many times.. You are what you eat.. Though I am a vegiterrian …But i always wonder What would we say for the folks who eat everything from sea-food to pork to anything.

I have seen all varities fo meats while my stay in South Africa and United States. So I have developed a peace with the fact that its okay for people to eat my religion’s most revered animal too 🙂 Not that it doesn’t matter to me.. It just tells me.. how faith changes the way we look at the things..How someone’s sister can be someone else’s ground to just dump and pump.. We have contradictions woven in life in many forms. From food to faith to life style to foreign policies.. We all have our bit of responsibility in it.. I was really shocked at dual show of uncathy attitude in US..when people wanted to mourn their 3000 odd soldiers death in Iraq.. Should not we be asking.. Why US needed to send them in first place.

I mean it decided to go on policing the world by its whims. And then we want to portray the product of those whims as “National Sacrifice”. In my views it demeans this word..
Earlier people get conscious of it.. Better for them..

Well like others, I also am common person.. Hence I choose to just go to office, live to rear kids and die one day.. Thats all I have grown to realize I will do.. Its not insignificant.. Its just average life..

Back in my golden years.. (I call the time when I was single, earning enough for me… and had all the time to do things what i wanted to do) I had huge appetite to read every good book in this world.. I still have that desire.. Its just the fact that I dont see me.. putting my things on list.. Well thats personal issue.. And I think I have better things to talk…
Whole point of this post was to remind myself to pick the books out of my rack and delve into them.. Books on my list …

Wish list..

all books by
Carl Marx
Mark Twain..
Apj Kalam
Stephen Hawkins

The books I have on my rack..

Winning – by Welch..
Power of execution
Women’s wisdom..

Wow.. I have some 25 books there.. And i can only recall 3.. so that says about how much I stare at my rack 🙂

You have any lists.. May be I can borrow some title from yours too 😉

I , Me , Mine

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on May 28, 2007

Three words i hate most..

I hate these words, becuase they narrow the vision of our being.
Probably that s one reason, I kind of detest people blogging useless, trivial things about their lives..My kid did this..I love so much my great kid..my sister is great.My mom,me..blah blah..I am sure they can find something good in others as well.. Praising one’s famliy is good. But isn’t too narrow when people cannt find any body else good enough.
I have stopped visiting some blogs just becuase it had too heavy dose of “Me” from them. I mean once in a while is ok..but everytime.. mentioning..my family..Me ..my taste or whatever..I think such folks dont have bigger view of life..

The rights and the wrongs….

Posted in Chit-Chat,Free thoughts by dearestfriend on May 25, 2007

Well we all have dichotomies woven around our lives. What is right at one place becomes wrong
the moment tables are turned for us..
Some of it I could come up with..

Boss is always buggy and pushy.. Till we become one

Deadlines are always overstretched till we set them 😉

Love is always possibility when we receive, until its our kids who are seeking in their teenage world.

Marriage is all great stuff, till we are advocating it in front of others.

It’ s never the right age to add up more responsibilities..

Its ‘ always easy to blame it on weather and mood.

Logic is something which stops in our own sphere.

I can always find fault in others than me..

Personal blogging of insignificant and trivial stuff is irritating, until we do it 😉

Gossip is bad habit, until we indulge in.

I hate to judge people.. but don’t you think that gal in that cubicle acts..as if she ‘s the world 😉

Internet addiction is bad..But blogging is ok.. 🙂

Kids are sweet and innocent they should never be compared..But don’t u think that lady’s kid is really fat 🙂

Can you think some more.. I always wonder, we all have lil bit of lenient measures for ourselves..

Half full or half empty…

Posted in Fiction,My short stories by dearestfriend on May 23, 2007

Well life is best example for this phrase. It can be half full and half empty at same empty..
I guess mental eyes and grooming are the deciding factors, Which side the scale goes..

Ariya was always happy that she had uncle, who dotted more than any parents would dot on their kids. He worked 3 straight shifts in work. So that she could go to best school in town. 15 years with this routine has seen Uncle Abby wear out a bit. But never had she seen his affection for her reduce. Strange is the word, which defines her connection with uncle Abby.
Well way back, uncle Abby used to be a 20 something handsome guy living near to her late parents. Late..Indeed very late. They happened to meet a fatal fate while trying to save Ariya’s Granny. Granny was in hospital counting her last days. Ariya’s parents were rushing in cab to hospital. While the fate had different destination for them. They were desperate to meet granny. They all met .. but not in hospital. Perhaps heaven or any other such place. Now this left Ariya 3 years and some months old alone in a rented house.
Love marriages can be weird. I could say all marriages are weird to some extent. Her parents’ marriage was that of resistance and perseverance. They had to walk out on their respective parents to marry each other.
Parents can be unforgiving sometimes. She had no one who could claim her from paternal side. Maternal side was all well-off and healthy folks. But only if they had little heart, Ariya would have had different upbringing. But no one came.. Poor girl was told by neighbors why her parents would not come back. Neighbors’ sympathy also dried up after a couple of weeks.
Uncle Abby was the only one, who took pains to contact her maternal uncles and all. No one cared about the kid.
So uncle Abby, kind of was in deep conflict. Who wants an orphan kid at age of 22.Neighbours suggested him, he takes the little girl to orphanage and he can meet her there frequently.
Sometime the thought came to him as well. But something in him stopped doing this. He gradually helped this girl settle her education, food, lodging.. and so on… Before uncle abby could realize he had already functionally adopted Ariya.
Ariya loved his company too.. Years passed by.. Uncle abby’s life became ariya and his career..
Now ariya was also growing up to take care of uncle. She would get up in morning. Clean the house and prepare breakfast.. That’s too mature for a little girl. But for some reason she had this gratitude towards uncle. Probably that s nature’s way of growing kids faster.

Ariya was growing up to see her life half full than half empty.. Though at times, feeling of parents being snatched used to fill her with lot of wretchedness. But gratefulness to one and hatefulness to God would usually counter each other.
People would suggest Abby to get married and get settled. Abby was always like.. I have daughter without even marrying. Why you folks want me to suffer with a wife .. and it would usually end there.
Life was going on. Several Springs and several autumns . And Abby and his daughter were leading their lives as fate wanted them to. On Abby’s part, He s given up lot to make the glass half full to Ariya.
Ariya was dreaming to go to her college next year. And grow up fast to help Uncle with expenses and to buy him expensive gifts.
It was a usual evening, except one thing . They had third one to share their evening tea. Aunt Rose had come all the way from a foreign country to this small town to meet her long lost friend Abby. They seemed very good friends. Aunt Rose still remembered how much sugar abby would have in his tea. How he liked to look at birds indefinitely. First time in so many years, Ariya felt her glass being drained by someone completely. She was dying to send Aunt Rose back to her place.
Uncle Abby was also looking relaxed and happier than other days. Evening went by. Dinner time came in. Aunt Rose offered both regular cooks to take leave while she cooked. Now this was too much.
….Why she has to act this way.. She ‘s just here for a day or two.. Why she needs to do all this..Is she uncle’s lost lover ?.. Why uncle is not asking her when she will go….
When will she go.. why not now.. Please go ..we dont need you..
Lots of thoughts running in Ariya’s mind.

Dinner was ready, It smelled really good. As expected , Uncle abby was all praises for aunt’s cooking. They had a walk after dinner. Lots and lots of talks. Aunt Rose Talks a lot.. thought ariya.
Now the next day. Breakfast time. Before anybody got up, Aunt was all in kitchen and other stuff.
…Hunn what the heck.. How long she is here..
same jigsaw of questions in mind. Ariya Nibbled her breakfast quickly to rush to school. While Uncle dropped a bomb.. “Ariya, Show aunt local market in evening. She would buy some dresses and other stuff..”
Ariya found it right time to ask..” Is aunt going to live with us for long?
Uncle abby and aunt smiling..Yeah she would be probably be here a month or two.. She is just taking time off ..said Uncle.
“hmm Oh so good.Sure I will show her around.” muttered Ariya while rushing out of home.
Now suddenly the life has turned upside down.. Last time God snatched her parents from her.. And now Aunt Rose..No please no.. I will not let you do that…
She rushed to school. Here life looks better than at home.. At least people don’t take her place. She was quite upset .. She chose to remain quiet.. weeks passed.. Ariya was losing the whole grip on house.. Aunt was doing most of mundane things. Uncle was happily passing so many chores to her. and she was rather happy to do it..
Ariya was spending less and less time at home. No one seems to complain also about it.
Life can be dry and scary when no one needs you. Sometimes for one thing we seem to lose all we have in our hands. Ariya was well ahead in her education, She had big plans of going to college , working hard. Doing part time.. Now it looks useless to her
.. What the hell… life is going to be as this is right now.. It matters to no one, if she grows up to be some highly qualified big shot or just an average girl…
Uncle and Aunt had chosen to go to nearby hill station. They wanted to take Ariya too. But she feigned about studies and upcoming tests. She remained in house.
Other day she was walking to her school. Her old time school friend just came running behind her. She realized it was her 6th standard friend, who had left school to work for her family. She was bustling with laughter. She told her, her younger sister had stood first in her class. So she s very happy. They chatted their way to school. She could catch Ariya’s disinterest about everything. She asked more and more and Ariya burst into tears. She was like life can be harder at time. “My suggestion to you would be, Be selfish. You focus on your studies first. Your sister coming first won’t help you in future.” ,said Ariya.
Her friend said, “You are hiding something, what s wrong.” Ariya told her everything about Aunt Rose. Her friend smiled and said Oh my! you are upset about such a small thing. If they like each other you should be happy. You are going to have complete family now.

Ariya , “what if they throw me out after they marry each other”. Now this was unlike of her. She never spoke like that. Her friend said, “what uncle did for you is, something rare and praiseworthy. But you need to realize one thing. So far his life has been just your responsibilities and you. What happens when you go out for your career and your life. You need to make sure he has someone to be with.”

This got Ariya wondering… Uncle’s glass was empty all this while.. She never realized that he may have yearned for a family or a regular life.
Ariya wiped her tears and thanked her friend. She was going back to home and make sure house is all decorated before she make the announcement..

sssshhhh.. Trees are talking

Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on May 15, 2007

Yes.. Trees talk. That’s what my mom told me when i was a kid. I never believed it then.. But i do now.
We had huge number of plants in our house, and i think it helps kids to appreciate nature. No preaching but i think it does.

Last weekend I went on holiday to a forest. And to my human mind it was something mind boggling..
some random thoughts which went through my mind, While i wandered there.

Nature gives , gives and gives.. and never asks you back..And we human take , take and take.. And for making us aware to give back to nature we need these Organizations or authorities to tell us.

Trees are so forgiving compared to us. we say once you see the world, your perspective grows and you become more accommodating. Well Trees don’t even move and they never see anybody beyond 100 meters of their periphery.. Yet they forgive us for all the chopping, stealing we do to them. They serve, serve and serve.. and we get served,served and served. We never pay them anything..
There are trees which are giants by size..Sheer look of them can you feel like you saw a monster.. But you will never get scared with a tree..That’s the power of vegetarianism i guess 😉 Yes i saw giant Sequoias in the forest there. And I was wondering… It’s so giant yet so quiet and giving. We all know humans tend to get pompous and vain when we grow giant in any practical sense.. Size, popularity, power, wealth, knowledge anything..You give a lot of it to them, and they change…I would love a gene which guides behavior in trees. I guess If we all had that.. We would have never had world wars and civil wars..We are so immature and foolish and yet we call our self the smartest animal on face of planet.

Yes humans are animals, Just like anybody else.. Now this quote comes from my husband… he always says that.. Human think too high of themselves… But they are nothing but one species of animal.
Trees don’t gossip.. Yes I realize that while I wandered through forests. That’s why there is no noise in forests. You know why our societies are full of noise. Because we have gossip pushing us in all directions.. We have faster cars, while we yearn for some free time.. We have freeways, while we yearn for freedom in our lives. We have high flying careers, while all we need is some real roots in ground reality. We have millions in our banks, while we have zillions dying of hunger. We are living example of manmade dichotomy. We invent cell phone and later on realize it has enslaved us more. We invent digital electronics and then look for ways to escape in ‘non-digital’ holidays.

One more important thing we can learn from tree is ..Humility..More fruits it has, more lower it bends..While we all tend to grow aloof as we rise in power ladder in our corporate jungles.

I am,therefore I speak…

Posted in QuotesByMe by dearestfriend on May 11, 2007

Well subject line is some famous guy’s quote.. I cannt recall his name..
Okay folks, time to quote myself.. It gets my system empty and I can process new thoughts then 🙂

Love heals.. yes it does

Look good.. chances are you will feel good eventually.

Keep your heart in check.. It can make you lose some good sleep..

Learn a very different language than your lineage.. Chances are you will become more appreciative.

Talk to your mom more often..You will feel connected to nature .. Yes strange but it works.

Have ten minutes of green silence each day.. I mean total silence in a green area 🙂

Love at least one animal, You will hate humans less 😉

Laugh a lot, Cos all the serious things we do, dont really matter much in big circle of life.

Have someone to hug.. And hug them often.. It will take your stess away..

Forget the way once in while.. and enjoy the aimless driving. It helps to let go things..

A rose a Day..

Posted in QLP (QuickLilPoem) by dearestfriend on May 11, 2007

You, he and me, we made the best family
Eyes were envious at us Cos we luaghed a lot
We spent less and saved a lot of ‘us’
We always nourished cos we rarely bloated
Our egos were there for others to dissect
You, he and me, we made the best family

He would call me God cos he dint believe in You.
I was as hard a follower can be
He ignored that faith to let it be.
Me would rarely disagree
Cos you made the heaven for me.
He was no less precious to me
If you were the heaven he was the world to me
You, he and me, we made the best family..

Love, as you see it….

Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on May 10, 2007

Well I think we all pass different phases in life where our beliefs are evolved. Sometime they change 180 degree of what they were some years back.
Love is most controversial of that list of beliefs. Religion, faith, and morality being other ones.
As a kid, we all start believing love is what mother gives us.. love is what a father gives us… Love is what we all deserve by just being human.. Then dark side of parental love starts pinching us.. A love which expects you to behave certain way.. A love where your choices are narrowed down by someone else.. A love where you are bargained into something.. And we start getting a feel as if they brought us up to follow their instructions..
Mind it we are too young at that age to realize good or bad intention love..We are just learning to categorize gestures into reasons.
Then comes school buddy love.. I mean you just love your buddies, coz they make you feel so well associated. Your fears , your anxieties , your problems.. Everything is same.. So you bond.. And you think probably this is love which you are bound to treasure.. A love in which a frend will do anything to secure your interests. Even showing the paper in exam.. Working out things for you.. Listening you empathetically, connecting with you.. Is what love looks like at that stage..
Then innocent High school love comes.. You think your fav sports icon or film icon or anyone you adore.. Is the one for you.. The girl next street, the boy next door.. All those innocent kiddy infatuations look like love to us..
Then we grow out to realize, we better find way to earn a livelihood. In office you join with lot of small small dreams.. Next year, big car, big home… trendy clothes, Girlfrend, Boyfrend.. all that constitutes exercising our choices means love to us.
Then marriage ahhh… very loaded love.. a love which expects, expects and expects.. and doesn’t give u anything back.. Yeah ..you know when they say .. you have adjusted in marriage.. Basically you have given up what expectations you had in beginning.. Thats why you adjusted so well.
Then love becomes your kids. Kids who play the role, what you played to your parents.. Basically it full circle phase of life. You think as much as you give in this..You will get .. But the big issue here.. Time keeps changing, expectations and duties also change with every decade.

Then the real love phase starts.. Yes I call it real love phase. Because you are a mellowed, wise, old person by now. You have seen world.. gone through its different phases of less-real love. Best love is in the form where you are with the person.. Because you dont see any other way to go about your life. When you dont like him/her for his/her looks, for their bank balance, for their professional success, for their personality.. All you like is.. what they make you feel when you are with them..

The most amazing thing of all the phases, is we grow out of its positive and negative connotations. We start cherishing it as is.. That s where the meaning of love lies..
If I were love I would define myself like this..

Dont bind me in the words you choose
For I am free spirit ,
I touch as i please
I come and go as a breeze..
In the phase I am gone
I haven’t left you.
I am just letting you be wise,
I wont go as long as you dont squeeze.

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