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25 reasons to have your own blog

Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on May 2, 2007

My journey into blogs, Though its relatively short so far; have been very enriching like most of others. I have met people who think they are A-Class, so they can snub people who comment anything other than “Wow, so nice. I totally agree” I have met people who encourage you for whatever small step you are taking in this world.People who are just silent readers, People who suddenly raise your traffic for no reason ,though i love it 😉
I dont know if these are reasons for everyone. But I found pleasure in these couple of things while blogging

25. It clears your own mind
24. You can see different facets of humour without cracking one
23. You will get to know how funny people can get in their family life.
22. Sometime you will find a healing word from a complete stranger.
21. It places your reality in perspective with others experience knowledge
20. your silent but powerful thoughts find a venting
19. Your language skills will improve.
18. you will get to know some dark realities people feel about regionalism and other such crazy topics
17. you will find people talking weirdest things with utmost seriousness
16. You might get some useful tips for profession, cooking or just about anything
15. Writing Heals… Yes it can heal anything, any wound any hurt
14. you will realise how many thoughts were lying , once you start writing
13. If you are not chasing any particular goal, You will find some goal for the blog atleast
12. your searching abilities will improve 😉
11. Your appreciation skills are tested everytime you comment.
10. And your tolerance is challanged everytime you come across “not-so-kind” comment
9. Your blog can shape your view of internet
8. you may end up getting caught in popularity race, My suggestion .. DOn’t go there.. it’s not worth.. Chances are you will turn snob, once you reach there..
7. You will get connected to your inner self
6. If you are writing personal blog, chances are, you will realise feelings you never knew you had.
5. You would become more net-savvy
4. If you stay dettached, it can really grow breadth of your perspective.
3. After writing a long post , your inner reservoir of held-up thought will suddenly clear. And you will feel light.
2. Some quick gossip is handy with these
1. Saying out is always better than “not saying and cluttering it up.. and forgetting it later”


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