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Another new year.. another set of resolutions…

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on January 29, 2010

It’s amazing to realise that I havent posted here for almost 4 months. Given that I love to write, That s very strange behaviour from me. And to top it, I have lot happening in my life, in my world around me, in general everything.. Still Getting yourself up to do something good is so hard as adult..
there are just so many diversions and distractions.

Now that we have entered a new year. I want to promise few things to me..

– I will complete the book on my mind and just GET IT PUBLISHED… And see the reaction..
– I will get myself sharpened on professional edge and get myself a good job that I can love.
– Help My small kid develop a good balanced personality
– Help my sis for her delivery. This is very personal, as last pregnancy fo hers ended in still birth. And we all still find ourselves in so much pain..
– Learn a new skill, Piano / dance/ Skating/ just anything.. but learn buddy..
– Do one small charity and make the difference in at least one poor child’s life.

Pheeww… It s hard to keep thinking about it..


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