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Thanks to all the random readers

Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on September 4, 2008

When I first started blogging, I had this secret hope that my blog will be instant hit. Which obviously has fallen flat. But I think there is some strange power in vulnerability. It helps you thrive in catastrophic failures and yet emerge out as winner. So I guess it s kind of relieving to accept a hope gone bust in open than in secret.

I am sorry that I have been so passive on my dear blog. I read some of my previous posts. And I wondered, how it didnt generate the traffic it deserved. I guess part reason is my non-availability of time to blog , and other obvious could be, may be I write not that great. May be I need to recheck what interests people. But wasnt a blog supposed to be about what you love most. I love jotting down “random thoughts”. And how can random be classified or modified as per other’s tastes. So I think I can only work on the first one. And be more perseverent.

So here I am guilty of passing blog anniversary without even checkign it out myself. I commit to the blog that I will be more perseverant and more available. Also thinking of putting some of my art work on in coming months.

Happy belated (so much) Anniversary to my blog!!
I know there are not any regualr readers, who will wish me and my blog. But Let s stick it out. For this too shall pass.

Coming back to topic of this post, I wanted to thank all the one-off and random readers. I dont know what brought you to the site, but whatever it was. It did give me a slight tinge of energy to go on each time I saw the stats.. People do read !! Thats what comes to my mind when I check my blog stats!
Thanks folks, I will do my best in this inning to better my blog.


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  1. Suz said,

    Dear ACL injured:

    I was waiting for an update on your progress. Would you please provide update?

    I’d like to know if you liked your PT person and what you found most beneficial. Would you like to talk about swelling, and pain…and whether you ever found yourself not trusting your doc or PT? What tips would you give someone who is headed into the surgery?



  2. Hi Suz,

    Thanks for your comment. And I apologize for being so late to reply. I was busy with pregnancy and child birth. I hope by now the person whose injusry you are talking about has healed.
    But I will still go ahead and talk about the healing and Physiotherapy. I will update the link here as well.


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