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Me bad bad.. Bad..

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on January 21, 2008

Hello folks..

Sorry for abandoning my dear blog and its readers. I am surprised to see several readers even after three months of inactivity.
Thanks folk, at least someone care about what I think 😉
First and foremost…

Wish you all a very happy happy Dashing New year.
I didn’t do much on celebration per say. But you see I got my left knee broken (Torn ACL) in December second week. So I had excuse to lie lazy. Now those who are new to ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), Worry not.. I spent decades without knowing about this useful piece.

I am going to start a journal for my journey with ACL injury so far and recovery there on. I have a surgery scheduled on First of feb.. So will Update.. Lemme first create my ACL injury category.

Now coming back to normal life. I have loads to share.. So much that doesn’t know where to start from.

Let’s start from last movie I saw.. The game (Anthony Hopkins and some other people) .. It was a weird chain of mysterious event happening to this old, bored banker. And in the end they tried to connect the jigsaw with a moral lesson…”You should live your fears first to release yourself totally” I liked the message. But didn’t like the way it was made..

I have been glued to ESPN for last week, thanks to Australian Open. I usually avoid TV like plague otherwise. I have got new favorites so far..

“Nadal” – Fierce player with a lot of attitude
“Tipsarvic” – What a strong character in sports.. I mean the guy Gave Rogere federer a total run for his game.
“Baghdatis” – Wonderful Sports man. You need to watch his last game with Hewitt to know why I am saying so.
I have not found new favorite in Women’s game so far.. Will add more later


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