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Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on September 10, 2007

One pleasent and positive change in my life..
I have taken out my painting studio and set it up in my patio. And guess what I have even started sketching landscape on it. Quite an achievment for someone like me.. I have been thinking and thinking and thinking of doing it. I will post the pictures once I am done. I can actually post it even in between stages. Will try one in this week.

I sent some 1-2 hours and my 3 months of thinking was in action. I guess action is more powerful than thinking. It gives more satisfaction and pleasure. Any one of you have any nice card ideas to paint ..please pass on. I want to paint Diwali cards this time myself and post it to everyone. Quite an ambition ..But I am like this only.. Stretching and extending my ownself each and every other breath. that gives me some kind of high.

I am also having one hell of idea about a book. I need to start jotting it down too..
Will pass on some excerpts once done..


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