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A day with Nothing

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on September 5, 2007

Well very bad of me.. to have abandoned my blog.. I really love blogging. But off late.. not many random thoughts coming to my mind. So my blog was bereft of posts. I can just not write for heck of writing.. Something really need to ring in my head.

Met few interesting aspects of life. One great thing which had always amazed me is… concept of nothing ness… We are nothing without someone, something or somewhere. We all have some such fears in our hearts. Its very easy to say… Conquer your fears and you will be man..(I mean woman.. or whatever) We all have fear and we will always have some. If we could become fearless than that would be state of perfect harmony and stillth in nature. Isnt nature continuously working on something? So I have realized much early in my life, I will live with some fears. Maybe because some I have chosen and some I got. Some fears make me better person and some make me less bad person 😉 it works both ways..
Coming back to nothing ness.. When was last time you spent a day with nothing in your hand. With Nothing in your mind. With nothing to do.. I bet you do it once a month.. You will be different person next day. We become such a slave of our civilized inventions that we stop wondering over things we should be living about.

Okk to write some of the “not-so-nothing” things I did on my vacation..I wish i could just take one day and do nothing..

– Where are we going.. Thats so and so is so this and that..
– The next car looks good but can we afford it..
– Why dont buy a house than renting…
– Oh god.. who will cook lunch..
– Who will do groceries..
– Did you iron the clothes..
– I dont have any good jeans..
– got to get car cleaned…
– blah blah blah

If I read it now.. It looks “so-nothing” to me.. Means all useless , repetitive work, not adding any value to quality of my being.
I wish the list was something like this…

– Read that nice book
– painted that canvas
– Played that game
– learnt that musical instruments
– had that long walk
– made that artwork
– visited that museum
……on and on and on…..


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