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Too much outflow on Blog

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on August 9, 2007

I have been wondering about it off late. if expressing too much on blogs may drain people inside.I read some blogs where I can see blog owner is sometime writing to please its readers. Or sometimes just to be in online space. The creative and inner urge of thoughts seems to take a back seat.
Personal blogs are like cheap gossip magazines to me, which we all love to read. But never, ever would we like our story to be published here. It’s all double standard for the readers. But then we all live in society which is highly polarized anyway.
I see many personal bloggers washing their dirty linen here online and seek solace in some loyal readers, who will say “I so very feel your pain, blah blah..” I hate people write insignificant loyal remarks just to be in good books. I mean come on!! i don’t want to hear that your kid is doing what…or what ur in-laws are doing to you…or how you feel about your parents.. Its useless for me… What may matter to me, is your piece of experience so that I don’t mess my life like that. Yes we very often read things , which we just cannt associate with. But we still read them..sometime for their cheap entertainment value, sometime for knowing which path we will not allow our life to tread on. Or what repercussion people face for their stupid choices.

I came across people, who just have too much time on their hands to bother about what next person in mall is thinking about them. I will just say…get some work buddy.. You seem too empty to focus on such trivial stuff.. but instead i can see at least 20 people writing to them..,. “I so very feel for you”… Excuse me! but i dont feel for freaky hyper free -people..I just don’t..
Recently I went to Niagra..and that was one dream I cherished for so many years. When I actually saw it, I was disappointed..that is this the Niagra…what is magnificent in this…I mean I am not degrading, but it had huge eloquence in my mind.. That’s what over publicity can do to your mind.

Now coming back to my main point, does writing or thinking too much about oneself, may drain us from inside. I always feel If I think too much about myself, I grow more selfish. So i mostly avoid it. I even have a rule where I dont speak , “I”,”Me”, “Mine” for 60% of my talks in a day. Wether written or spoken. It relieves my mind. I used to read one dating journal very religiously; I was glued to the author’s style. But then I left it suddenly. Somehow I felt that author compusively writing after sometime. She was just writing because it has worked for her. And she has found some 40-50 odd supporters online.. Who are just waiting to write …”I so very…”

It just became monotonous. Then I used to read some Mommy blogs…They were good initially ..I like their style, choice of words and sensitivity…
But then I started feeling..it s so useless to read about…how someone feels about their parents..I mean “Arent we all attached to our parents”..What so great and noble in that..Its supposed to be that way..
I am following some professional Authors’ blogs and some travel journals recently. And I must say. I am loving it for the moment. Whole lack of me, my kid, my spouse and my parent is making me feel..yes this is what I want to read. I want to grow more wise and informed than cheaply entertained.


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