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Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on August 7, 2007

I am going very lazy on this blog now. I hate to do that. I wish i get back to my more frequent rhythm. I loved the idea of blogging. So here is my bit to just keep going..
In last few weeks many ups and downs on outside fringe of life.

– I read about Praveen Babi, A yesteryear Indian actress and her solitary death. I felt bizarre for her end. Just couldn’t get the pieces of how such a wonderful actress fell apart into pieces. How her so called “much-married” boyfriends used her and left her to struggle alone. For my mind, i just dont believe that someone of her intelligence can suddenly become mentally ill. I see grave human manipulation to push someone to that limit. I started hating Mahesh Bhatt, a prominent Bollywood director. I have never liked him before. But didn’t find the need to hate also. With his tactics to use up his relation with Praveen, I could only pity and hate such man. How important it is to pick the right friends, is last thing I could close my mind with.

– This one is more painful true story. I met a colleague in office. Who showed me this . He knew this family and he has met this girl. This is one 7 year old innocent girl, whose brain decided to work against her. I just don’t understand where is destiny, karma and so called meaning of life here..

– Other thought hitting my mind very hard, my colleague who is diagnosed with Colon cancer. For him, life has been playing hide and seek for past 3 years. He first got the disease 3 years back. Then after some treatment, doctors claimed he s out of it. the disease struck again few months back. And now this time its fatal. Doctors told him , 6 more months to go. Now this person sits 3 offices away from me. I haven’t had chance to work with him. But everyday morning, when I see his name plate. My head aches. He has wound up his stuff and gone back to his parents. He came to visit us last week. He just smiled to me in my office. He said, we havent met, but my name is Scott. I for once felt just loss of words. I didn’t know what to tell him. We exchanged pleasantries and just general talks. I felt exhausted in those 5 minutes of talks. What hope you give to someone who knows, He is dying in 6 months. There was sense of “vacuum” in his eyes. I just felt it’s all very unfair.. To take someone’s life at age of 28..
Where is God here….

Overall exhausting few weeks.. And in the whole rut my dear blog is suffering. I just cannt come out of such grave situations. For some reason, my mind just stays there.


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