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Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on July 27, 2007

I never thought I will keep my blog so free-flowing. I mean whatever literally comes to my mind, I just jibe here. Thats never the way I have my social interactions.
I read somewhere that having blog is a sure sign of being extrovert. I always knew I was one.
But I would add that, seeking the blog to read also speaks something.. It speaks that a person has undying quest to know more than his area of instant influence. Ofcourse it also says he has lil more free time to kill 😉 me included obviously.
I was wondering, why we stick to the kind of blogs we read. I am not very loyal blog reader. But some blog I do read despite of disagreeing. It gives me more headspace to be flexible with opposing point of views.

Few things I have got addicted about blogs…

– you just get some words for your imagination
– you can choose to crib, whine or just express, no one will really bug you.
– at times, you can be inactive for 20 days, and still see lot of readers going thru it. Thats very endearing 🙂
– It can connect to people just on mental level. I would say thats highest level of connection, one can ever have.
– You dont need a publisher to express your writing talent
– At times, you may encounter such a heat on blogging space, that you will remember last human fight you have seen
– you may find some real self-obsessed freaks in blogosphere
– Tech blogs never appeal to me. But whenever I read one, I make a point to mention my view. Thats the way I am 😉 Always poking my nose.
– I wish I had patience to upload pictures, its always nice to follow blog with more pics,.. i do ..
last but not the least… Having a blog will make you better person.. I can bet on it..


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