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I too Love NY.. But its people.. I am not sure..

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on July 10, 2007

I had chance to visit New york on this July 4th weekend. Needless to say, I am not writing it for my personal travelogue. I usually don’t do that. Blog is much better if we don’t treat it like a personal diary. I read it somewhere.. And I liked it.
The reason I am writing about NY is, It touched some deep chords in my mind.
City is bustling, no doubt. And my initial reaction was ..This is America.. Fast,rich,affluent, sought after, and quite clean.. I liked its pace , at least for a week. Though there were some not so pleasent experiences too. But overall, I loved NY as a city. I am not sure about the same for its people.

First Times Square.. Wow! Ultimate billboard advertising paradise. Yeah I liked most of those colorful bill boards.
Statue of liberty, I am not too sure about this one. Who got free from whom.. But the statue itself is better pictured than in reality. Its not so huge as it comes across from pictures.
Wall street was too exhausting experience. NYSE and all big shots really numb your senses. WTC was too touching for me. I mean I just felt jarred inside seeing, what wastage human mind can do in name of religion and politics. Its quite humbling and numbing experience for senses.

Then the best piece happened to us. We were subjected to racial discrimination. Yes. I wish it was not so.. But we did feel it too clearly. There were four adult blond girls in the same elevators as ours. And they gave us worst possible weird expression, as if we were animals from zoo. We were to get down earlier than their stop, while they made way for us. They all had hideous and very obvious giggle on their bright faces. Before even we could barely go away from elevator, they all laughed aloud in unison. As if they got some sick pleasure out of laughing on us. For once I felt like confronting them .. but then I let it go. This incident is still with me. I have nothing but pity for those adult young women. People who are so narrow and disrespectful for even elderly people.. They hardly have anything to loose, if they don’t have values.
I wish there was a retail store of values in America. Where so called sleek good looking first world natives could buy some “to-go” boxes of readymade values. So that they can stick it on their face along with superficial make-up.


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  1. Harsh said,

    Though I have never been to New York (or the US of A, for that matter) I know well how stinging racial prejudice can be. The best way is to really ignore such mentality and even pity it (like you did). There’s no way of escaping it, though. It’s everywhere. Violent, explicit or subdued and cunningly subtle, deliberate or unconscious – prejudices are dividing the world.
    Stay good..

    P.S: Came here from Sakshi’s blog because I loved your name the moment I read it.

  2. @Harsh- Thanks for visiting. Yes Indeed it can be painful. But I just wonder , how worse it would have been for older generations.

    Thanks for the compliment for my name. 🙂

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