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Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on June 22, 2007

Well yeah I have been very busy for my blog.But Its always on my radar to write something..Lot is happening in my little world.. But what seized my mind was an office incident yesterday..
I am numb inside. Dont know what to do of this. One colleague of mine whose office was 4 offices away from me.. Died unfortuantely in car accident on saturday. Its sad and very sad occassion. But I couldn’t help and wonder.. Are n’t we living life as any other insect on this earth.. We just have more defined and sofisticated living conditions. But our life is as inpredicatble as theirs.
This person I saw on friday, with lots of choclate boxes on his office desk.. yesterday his family came to office.. And there was a small mass.Today his office has a blank name plate. and a blankness which will be filled in a month or two.. But dont you think, if he knew he will not live longer than 26 years of his age.. He would have never wasted his life doing things he never loved too much.. Coming to office, saving 401k, going to more economic grocery store, collecting coupens to save one or two dollars.. all that look such a waste of time.. While all he would have collected is lying here..I felt too many things though I never had chance to work with the guy. But personally I could not attend the mass becos I was running for my mundane medical visits.


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