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Do we really have a soul?

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on June 13, 2007

Well this is more from my beliefs than my knowledge. I know we always mix them up in our minds.. and then come up with something hazy in between..May be we call it a conviction.. a belief supported by logic, acceptable to us.

As a practicing Hindu, I personally believe we all have souls. But then my dear life partner continues to increase my curiosity about otherwise belief too. Once he asked what makes you feel that soul does exist in us.. In process of explaining him, I realized my own beliefs were guiding this knowledge in me.. So I left the discussion in middle. Then I ended up asking myself… We always feel we have mental faculty working somewhere in head.. And emotional faculty working somewhere in chest.. then which part of the body soul is existing in..
In my arguments, I raised a point.. Saying..
“Do you ever feel there are three voices in you..”
One telling you , this is wise solution.
Other telling you , this is what I want..
And the third one telling you.. It doesn’t really matter in long run, what you choose in so and so problem.. Instead work on improving your soul…
Now my practical and less thinking partner really got confused. He said he doesn’t know.. He never has any voices per say.. There is only mind which thinks and does… umm…
“too much thinking is bad”, I muttered to myself 🙂
Other time my solid belief about souls gets questioned is ..When i see ant, animals and insects in hordes, living their lives insignificantly and die just as insignificant.. I wonder.. are we also like them just living in better conditions and thinking we are too wise for this earth.. But don’t we also end up living many times a mundane and useless part… which if scrapped from life won’t really change anything in life. some years deducted from youth, adulthood, old age..

Other day I saw a movie.. called .. “Night at museum” and it gave a wonderful fantasy to think about.. what if all our past events are really happening in dimension of time.. and we are just in different co-ordinates..so we cannt see that..
I know its too esoteric…But then that’s what we have our mind for..

Someone once told me..As per some ritual in soul philosophy, it’s not a crime to murder someone.. But in the same ritual it’s a big crime to commit rape. I was puzzled like any other normal person. Why… Life is important.. How come taking someone’s life is not a crime.. It we had this in our real world.. half the population will vanish in one minute 😉
Bcoz each person has more than one person..they would like to kill.. if permitted.
That person told me, As per that philosophy, it s rather a favor one is doing to release the soul from body. For soul living a life in body is a punishment.. As soul we are supposed to free and rejoicing in heaven with our universal source..Not doing mundane thing of life on earth… I was like..Now I know.. Why i get bugged every other day in week, while going to office..while cleaning my house.. or ironing my clothes.. Now I get it..Um.. so there is that soul which is getting fed up inside.. while I am doing the regular boring chores in daily life..

Then I asked the most evident question to this gentleman. Have you felt a soul yourself.. He said he does daily while he takes his soul out of his body.. and go wander the world.. I was like what… Are you kidding.. You need to teach me how to do it.. He told me first few steps.. I tried.. it seemed to work.. But then average person that I am.. I left in half way.. too scared to try it further.. What if i could n’t come back to my dear body.. Who will clean my house.. who will cook and who will use my 29456 items in personal care section of my cup-board 😉
so i came back to my good old body..
This gentleman claimed he can see future and past both… as per him.. past, present and future are nothing but some co-ordinates in time dimension of universe… I was too tempted.. But then, as a normal person I was scared also.. So i didn’t try.. I told him to check my future though 😉

What do you think.. Do we really have soul.. for me I choose to be guided by my beliefs and occasionally be questioned by my mind about those beliefs…


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