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Movie Weekend

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on June 5, 2007

I had chance to dabble in couple of movies last weekend…
Kuch Meetha Ho jaye – Hindi Movie
A night at Museum – A movie released on Dec 2006.
Knocked Up — Latest flick in Theatres now
I liked two of them.. No prizes for guess the not-liked movie. It was Hindi flick which was too usual routine kinds . But I still get my dose of bollywood at times.
Those who want to read how is it. I would give neutral view and would refrain to say too negative. Movie is ordinary, one time see kinds. It’s about a long awaited flight on airport. Director wanted to convey too many stories in span of 2 hours. And I guess he did fall shot and got lost.. Some places Arshad Varsi looked heavily under-utilised. All he had was some stupid stale jokes. And even someone as talented as Jaspal Bhatti was wasted in the movie. Which is quite sad.. I would say such flick should be tried with not more than 3-4 couples’ story. I lost the count of stories director was trying to cover. Mahima Chaowdhary looked so unnecessary in the movie.. She could have been better just in photo frame in Arshad warsi’s office.

Now moving on to my favorite ones.
Night at Museum – Its about a guy who needs a stable job rather badly. Ben Stiller as usual gives another powerful and convincing portray of character. Now there ‘s something I need to udnerstand about American Husbands(at least in most American movies) who choose to end marriage as they want and then later feel angry on their wive’s latest boyfriend.. I mean if you loved ur wife so much.. Why not keep the marriage. Best part I liked about the movie was the story line, Which director stuck to so finely. Sometime you wonder how these directors find their rhythm of telling a story and not get carried away.. The guy gets a job as a night watchman for the national history museum. And the fun starts after he joins there. I wouldn’t spoil the mystery by writing it here.. What i just would point is.. after this movie, You may get more interested to read about world history. At least I am 🙂

Knocked up- It’s just another standup comedy.. But I liked it for some other honest reasons. Cast in movie has given quite decent performance. My point of liking was how they could portray motherhood in its true sense without any gloss. Beautiful.. I have heard folks telling motherhood is all this beautiful stuff. and on other note I have heard folks telling motherhood is all this not-so-decent stuff. But What i miss is.. “In between the lines” part… why people don’t treat it something as common as a copulation or a Menstrual cycle.. I mean it has its dose of good and bad.. Why glorify one or other side.. That’s what I liked best about the movie. It treated the topic so honestly and so without opinion… Thats how motherhood should be treated.. A matter of fact.. No gloss and no exaggeration of pain..I loved it.. Ok to talk summary of movie story. It’s about a girl who gets knocked up on one casual date. Guy and girl are so mismatched for each other.. yet they decide to come together and support gal’s decision to carry the baby.. Now for my mind, I don’t understand why someone in her position would like to carry that.. But it s movie. And director gets to decide ..so thats fine.. In my opinion movie deserves a watch.. You would find lots to laugh about..


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