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Happiness unbound

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on May 31, 2007

Have you ever felt too dazed to express yourself.. I did recently..
Though it s personal good news ..But I guess reflection of happiness makes me wonder.. How we react to things.. I just came to kno.. My brother’s wife is expecting.. And i was just too full of positivity around me.. If you see practically, nothing is changed in my life as such.. But just a prospect of a beautiful addition in family.. makes me forget all that should be forgotten ideally

I mean the mundane things which bore the hell out of us. With work/life balance stuff. I dont have much free time but I guess. Running around the clock itself gets on you at times..
Something I do to break the routine of life…

Treat my feet some luxury pedicure by myself 🙂

Visit bookshop especially the comic sections

take all my good dresses out and try them out

Buy some addictive perfumes

Try a new recipe

Jog little longer than usual

Buy shoes 😉

Call a frend and talk indefinitely

take my oil colors out and dust them off 🙂

Set up the wardrobe.. I tell you its a big relieving thing for me..

Reorg my kitchen.. where I am the queen 🙂

Paint a greeting card

Buy something new to decorate the house…

Would be happy to know your tricks to break your boredom ……..


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