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You are what you read

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on May 29, 2007

I have read this many times.. You are what you eat.. Though I am a vegiterrian …But i always wonder What would we say for the folks who eat everything from sea-food to pork to anything.

I have seen all varities fo meats while my stay in South Africa and United States. So I have developed a peace with the fact that its okay for people to eat my religion’s most revered animal too 🙂 Not that it doesn’t matter to me.. It just tells me.. how faith changes the way we look at the things..How someone’s sister can be someone else’s ground to just dump and pump.. We have contradictions woven in life in many forms. From food to faith to life style to foreign policies.. We all have our bit of responsibility in it.. I was really shocked at dual show of uncathy attitude in US..when people wanted to mourn their 3000 odd soldiers death in Iraq.. Should not we be asking.. Why US needed to send them in first place.

I mean it decided to go on policing the world by its whims. And then we want to portray the product of those whims as “National Sacrifice”. In my views it demeans this word..
Earlier people get conscious of it.. Better for them..

Well like others, I also am common person.. Hence I choose to just go to office, live to rear kids and die one day.. Thats all I have grown to realize I will do.. Its not insignificant.. Its just average life..

Back in my golden years.. (I call the time when I was single, earning enough for me… and had all the time to do things what i wanted to do) I had huge appetite to read every good book in this world.. I still have that desire.. Its just the fact that I dont see me.. putting my things on list.. Well thats personal issue.. And I think I have better things to talk…
Whole point of this post was to remind myself to pick the books out of my rack and delve into them.. Books on my list …

Wish list..

all books by
Carl Marx
Mark Twain..
Apj Kalam
Stephen Hawkins

The books I have on my rack..

Winning – by Welch..
Power of execution
Women’s wisdom..

Wow.. I have some 25 books there.. And i can only recall 3.. so that says about how much I stare at my rack 🙂

You have any lists.. May be I can borrow some title from yours too 😉


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  1. Deepak said,

    Welll……really a long list to read…I was reading Inscrutable Americans, by Anurag Mathur. I liked it…May be you will also enjoy it….

    Do let me know 🙂

  2. Sure.. Will include in my wish list..

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