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I , Me , Mine

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on May 28, 2007

Three words i hate most..

I hate these words, becuase they narrow the vision of our being.
Probably that s one reason, I kind of detest people blogging useless, trivial things about their lives..My kid did this..I love so much my great kid..my sister is great.My mom,me..blah blah..I am sure they can find something good in others as well.. Praising one’s famliy is good. But isn’t too narrow when people cannt find any body else good enough.
I have stopped visiting some blogs just becuase it had too heavy dose of “Me” from them. I mean once in a while is ok..but everytime.. mentioning..my family..Me ..my taste or whatever..I think such folks dont have bigger view of life..


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