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sssshhhh.. Trees are talking

Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on May 15, 2007

Yes.. Trees talk. That’s what my mom told me when i was a kid. I never believed it then.. But i do now.
We had huge number of plants in our house, and i think it helps kids to appreciate nature. No preaching but i think it does.

Last weekend I went on holiday to a forest. And to my human mind it was something mind boggling..
some random thoughts which went through my mind, While i wandered there.

Nature gives , gives and gives.. and never asks you back..And we human take , take and take.. And for making us aware to give back to nature we need these Organizations or authorities to tell us.

Trees are so forgiving compared to us. we say once you see the world, your perspective grows and you become more accommodating. Well Trees don’t even move and they never see anybody beyond 100 meters of their periphery.. Yet they forgive us for all the chopping, stealing we do to them. They serve, serve and serve.. and we get served,served and served. We never pay them anything..
There are trees which are giants by size..Sheer look of them can you feel like you saw a monster.. But you will never get scared with a tree..That’s the power of vegetarianism i guess 😉 Yes i saw giant Sequoias in the forest there. And I was wondering… It’s so giant yet so quiet and giving. We all know humans tend to get pompous and vain when we grow giant in any practical sense.. Size, popularity, power, wealth, knowledge anything..You give a lot of it to them, and they change…I would love a gene which guides behavior in trees. I guess If we all had that.. We would have never had world wars and civil wars..We are so immature and foolish and yet we call our self the smartest animal on face of planet.

Yes humans are animals, Just like anybody else.. Now this quote comes from my husband… he always says that.. Human think too high of themselves… But they are nothing but one species of animal.
Trees don’t gossip.. Yes I realize that while I wandered through forests. That’s why there is no noise in forests. You know why our societies are full of noise. Because we have gossip pushing us in all directions.. We have faster cars, while we yearn for some free time.. We have freeways, while we yearn for freedom in our lives. We have high flying careers, while all we need is some real roots in ground reality. We have millions in our banks, while we have zillions dying of hunger. We are living example of manmade dichotomy. We invent cell phone and later on realize it has enslaved us more. We invent digital electronics and then look for ways to escape in ‘non-digital’ holidays.

One more important thing we can learn from tree is ..Humility..More fruits it has, more lower it bends..While we all tend to grow aloof as we rise in power ladder in our corporate jungles.


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