Just write something …

I am,therefore I speak…

Posted in QuotesByMe by dearestfriend on May 11, 2007

Well subject line is some famous guy’s quote.. I cannt recall his name..
Okay folks, time to quote myself.. It gets my system empty and I can process new thoughts then πŸ™‚

Love heals.. yes it does

Look good.. chances are you will feel good eventually.

Keep your heart in check.. It can make you lose some good sleep..

Learn a very different language than your lineage.. Chances are you will become more appreciative.

Talk to your mom more often..You will feel connected to nature .. Yes strange but it works.

Have ten minutes of green silence each day.. I mean total silence in a green area πŸ™‚

Love at least one animal, You will hate humans less πŸ˜‰

Laugh a lot, Cos all the serious things we do, dont really matter much in big circle of life.

Have someone to hug.. And hug them often.. It will take your stess away..

Forget the way once in while.. and enjoy the aimless driving. It helps to let go things..


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