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Love, as you see it….

Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on May 10, 2007

Well I think we all pass different phases in life where our beliefs are evolved. Sometime they change 180 degree of what they were some years back.
Love is most controversial of that list of beliefs. Religion, faith, and morality being other ones.
As a kid, we all start believing love is what mother gives us.. love is what a father gives us… Love is what we all deserve by just being human.. Then dark side of parental love starts pinching us.. A love which expects you to behave certain way.. A love where your choices are narrowed down by someone else.. A love where you are bargained into something.. And we start getting a feel as if they brought us up to follow their instructions..
Mind it we are too young at that age to realize good or bad intention love..We are just learning to categorize gestures into reasons.
Then comes school buddy love.. I mean you just love your buddies, coz they make you feel so well associated. Your fears , your anxieties , your problems.. Everything is same.. So you bond.. And you think probably this is love which you are bound to treasure.. A love in which a frend will do anything to secure your interests. Even showing the paper in exam.. Working out things for you.. Listening you empathetically, connecting with you.. Is what love looks like at that stage..
Then innocent High school love comes.. You think your fav sports icon or film icon or anyone you adore.. Is the one for you.. The girl next street, the boy next door.. All those innocent kiddy infatuations look like love to us..
Then we grow out to realize, we better find way to earn a livelihood. In office you join with lot of small small dreams.. Next year, big car, big home… trendy clothes, Girlfrend, Boyfrend.. all that constitutes exercising our choices means love to us.
Then marriage ahhh… very loaded love.. a love which expects, expects and expects.. and doesn’t give u anything back.. Yeah ..you know when they say .. you have adjusted in marriage.. Basically you have given up what expectations you had in beginning.. Thats why you adjusted so well.
Then love becomes your kids. Kids who play the role, what you played to your parents.. Basically it full circle phase of life. You think as much as you give in this..You will get .. But the big issue here.. Time keeps changing, expectations and duties also change with every decade.

Then the real love phase starts.. Yes I call it real love phase. Because you are a mellowed, wise, old person by now. You have seen world.. gone through its different phases of less-real love. Best love is in the form where you are with the person.. Because you dont see any other way to go about your life. When you dont like him/her for his/her looks, for their bank balance, for their professional success, for their personality.. All you like is.. what they make you feel when you are with them..

The most amazing thing of all the phases, is we grow out of its positive and negative connotations. We start cherishing it as is.. That s where the meaning of love lies..
If I were love I would define myself like this..

Dont bind me in the words you choose
For I am free spirit ,
I touch as i please
I come and go as a breeze..
In the phase I am gone
I haven’t left you.
I am just letting you be wise,
I wont go as long as you dont squeeze.


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