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945 Indian kids find home in US

Posted in Free thoughts by dearestfriend on May 9, 2007

This has agitated enough out of me..

I mean I am not against foreigners adopting Indian Orphan kids.. But I am seriously against Indian government’ s desires to take this route to tackle with orphan kids.. I mean Please for heaven ‘s sake..Choose better words.. And choose better ways..
Why not try to induce some sense and wisdom into our local natives than trying to charm outsider adopts your excess population.
One place you are proud of DNA. Other place you are not even taking into account of this innocent kids’ choice..I mean at least some of them may prefer to have an Indian upbringing.. I would have got hurt.. if someone raised me Christian or Muslim or anything.. I was born as Hindu and I preferred it to be that way.. There s nothing wrong or right about this. But all I mean is .. some of the kids may grow up to realize they were better off grown up as Indians.. How can we take that choice away..
I would have adored if we see our government and social groups encouraging Singles or couples into adoption. I am sure we have enough Indians doing too well for themselves..
Other day I was seeing some program talking about Taxes Bollywood actors paid for last year.. Why donct we suggest those bollywood actors who pay 15 crores in annual tax to put that money into child welfare.. whats the point of putting into taxes if they never get converted into true welfare of nation… I mean there are plenty of ways to solve the trouble..But we choose to look to west to help us… Why.. why WHY…
Why on the earth we can’t own our nation’s kids and promise to give them better life.. This is just bizzare.. A politician talking about foreign adoption.. What it signals.. That she has nothing better to suggest .. Come on.. You as a lawmaker feel so wretched than what that hapless kid walking on aloof road is supposed to feel.
Okay enough of venting frustrations.. Let me throw some practical suggestions.. and some of my personal dreams about my India..

– There should be accountability on govt’s fund going into child welfare.. Make it visible in number of Housing provides, Graduates passing out, poor girls marriage paid off.
– We should tackle it on state level, district level… If only we could own our street and corner ..We never would have national problems..
– Encourage adoption in local natives.. Suggest people to have just one kid and adopt second kid.. make it some drive like polio immunization..
– Make it easy for wealthy folks to sponsor a kid, whose boarding and education can be paid off in more transparent ways.
– It will help to have some NGO more active and more vocal in this field.. I wish to be part of such NGO once I find I have done my material duties and have enough to help others and myself.


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