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Fauji .. A fond memoir

Posted in Chit-Chat,Uncategorized by dearestfriend on May 8, 2007

Well This is childhood memories rewind session 🙂
Yes it goes back some 10-15 years, when we had just one channel on Indian television scene. Our good old DoorDarshan.. Everything from colorful ‘ Chitrahaar’ to dry ‘Samachar’ to awsome ‘ Salma Sultan’ to ‘Bikram Betaal’ to ‘Heman and the Master of Universe’ to Sunday evening Movies ..All hold special places in my kiddy heart. I was, I guess a TV fond kid like any other average kid. Until Cable channel came and ruined all the fondness about it.. They oversupplied us with movies, Ads, exposure , cheapness, Blatant news and lot more.. Everything was just too much..So eventually i grew out of Idiot box and stopped watching it almost. Those Sass -bahus serial and K-series by some idiot person were last nail in the coffin of my TV viewing.
Now with my coming to US, it all has gone still down only. I am sticking to my occasional TV channels, Discovery, national geographic, Travel Channel and CNN i guess. I don’t give more than 30 minutes of each day.. So I don’t feel so idiot about it.
Whenever someone asks me, why you dont have Indian channels at home. I am like, I am still waiting to miss Indian TV. So far I have not in last few years. When I would miss that Blatant dose of confused entertainment. I would go ahead and Get the Dish places in my patio. Till then I am happy watching Seinfeld, Charmed, Simple Life, History Unfolded, etc.

Well Now coming back to what inspired this post. As a kid, I remember being crazy about ‘Fauji’ serial. Yes it was Shahrukh khan’s first TV debut. And pretty hit one. I remember we always cribbed in school and college that they never replayed the serial. Some rumored that Shahrukh bought the broadcast rights for it or what not. I didn’t go in detail to find it. This weekend while buying Indian groceries, I peeked in DVD section to avail ‘Free DVD rental’ They were offering on certain amount of bill. To my pleasure I saw DVD volume for Fauji serial. I was thrilled to know someone had made it available on DVD. Though I could only find vol 2 , volume 1 was missing. I thought of still renting it and refresh some old memories.
Yesterday evening I sat to watch it with lot of eagerness.
It started, and within 10 minutes of viewing it. I realized I had overgrown my TV shoes. I mean I never I wouldn’t like it. Not that something was bad. The same Abhimanyu Rai , “I say Chaps ” Guy. Lt. Varun Chauhan. and Abhi’s Gf they were looking stupid novice actors to me. And to my worst self, I hated the set up.
I mean it was just too real for Indian Army. Being a kid to an Army Man,i very well know what set up we get in my dad’s office and the residential quarters. Luckily my dad was not some high rank official during my childhood. So I know what it is for medium and low rank people. It is pretty humble and struggling.
I should n’t be saying it but I was put off by the set up. I thought If you compare it with those Saas – bahuu set up , you will find it some servant’s house set up. But then in those time, people probably wanted to pose the right picture. Hats off to the Director, who stuck to originality. But to me it was something, I didn’t realize I would find odd.
I switched off after 15 minutes. I was too occupied in knowing that .. Our preferences gets highly manipulated by our circumstances.. I mean back as a kid, I never found that set up to be annoyingly true. I was too happy seeing the overall deal.. Now As a grown up and as NRI I am finding it disturbingly true. I am still coming to the terms that I could not tolerate to see it more. I mean serial was amazing. Shahrukh acted too well for a starter, theme was too natural and well directed. But My memories part of it was disturbing to me..


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  1. Taks said,

    Nice post … brought back memories of when I used to wait eagerly for Chitrahaar – for a chance to get to see a couple of new songs & a few old Hindi hits ! Later, I even started waking a little early on Sundays to catch Rangoli ! Those days of DD were wonderful.
    I agree – if we see some of those lovely programmes today, they won’t live up to our new & hi-tech standards – Fauji, Buniyaad, Udaan, Daane Anaar Ke, Wagle Ki Duniya. So, I guess, its better to have wonderful memories of all those old-is-gold ones, than to try watching them today & spoil those life-long memories 🙂
    Having said this, last month I enjoyed watching an old episode of Malgudi Days ! 🙂

  2. Yes thats true. there you quoted one of long lost favorite. Rangoli.. How could I forget that. It used to be sunday morning family ritual.. and Dadddy would force everyone wake up. Because he wanted all of us to see it together.
    Oh yes, Malgudi Days was as simple as endearing.

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