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SpiderMan III – My take

Posted in Uncategorized by dearestfriend on May 4, 2007

Its really bad 😦
So Bad that I am thinking what i liked in last two. I loved all characters specially in II sequel. This one is more humane and more average. when you like a screen idol like spiderman, Batman or superman. You dont want them to behave like average people.
You dont want them push their gals, or fall prey to jealousy or go asking help to their on and off frends. SO this spiderman disappointed me .
I thought he had lost his fire. May be that explains why director said he won;t make any spiderman IV . Probably he shouldnot.
couple of loopholes in movie…

Director cannot make his mind over what to do with Peter’s old time pal Harry. Sometime he ‘s fighting, sometime he’s helping him. So in conclusion, he turns out to be fickleminded half villain half buddy character. Which often bad for audience. They either want to relate or disconnect from a character. No one wants to be hanging in between.

Mary Jane. Is of as always little significance. But I think this time , she is more often addressed as Mary Jane. I mean why not name. at least I founf it irritating. She looked awsome in openign Broadway show. As kristen can look. There were few mishap in her plot as well. She finds herself struggling an identity crisis. She does find herself more comforted in Harry’s copany . Which is a fresh change.

Granny is always graceful. Though she gets lesser screen time this time. She does manage to throw nice line . “A man needs to put his wife before himself” Beautiful. Only if it was reality.. But we all love perfect impractical lies .. So I caught on this line 🙂 may be could passover to my kids 😉

Now number of villains this movie has , can really create headache for you. There are mish -mash of 4 villains. Harry, Flint , Eddie and Spidey himself.Eddie is fresh face.. Though his overall impression falls short of new start.
SandMAn was done in beautiful effects. But after a while it was not fun. It was buggy.. There was never a rational reason for it to go back and forth in Marco’s body..
even Marco’s presence itself seemed not so well placed. It looked director just used him to fill the gaps.
I didnt like the punch line at end.. “We all have choices”
Yes we know that.. then what.. I mean its nowhere compared to past quotes..
I think Sam Raimi is of right mind, not to make another remakes.. He needs a break to come out of all Spidey things. One spidey was .. two – three.. were over kill.
Yes I forgot to write about that symbiote kind material, which turns Spidey into bad guy. and then later it changes Spidey’s rival photographer Eddie into spidey look like villain. That looked like lack of innovation. Cann’t we think of more different opponent than spidey himself.
If you decide to watch it… Just dont dont Focus on Spidey when tries to do hip – thing.. He looks complete out of synch..
I would give 2 out 5 *****..


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