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Those “Sensitive” Personal bloggers..

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on April 25, 2007

Well I must say.. I find personal blogging very interesting to read.. but its something I can never do.. I was never good at talking to public about my family life or my personal life.. Then why do i enjoy reading other’s personal blogs?

– Well bcos they are spontaneous.
– Interesting
– Sometime idiotically and laughably biased.
– has sense of family thing into it.
– More human
– Little more sentimental..

So maybe they entertain “emotional gal ” in me..But i really get surprised when these so called charged up, opinionated bloggers get hurt, because anonymous folks have said some blunt truth to them. I agree sometimes anonymous bloggers are bitter beyond reason.. But i often see other time, “sensible and logical truth spoken by anonymous” being resented by so “sensitive blogger” and his/her bandwagon of loyal “likeminded readers”. If you are so sensitive, i don’t think people should open their lives to public.
E.g .. very simple thing .. Like I used to read a dating jorunal by some popular blogger. She was talking about some quick short encounter with some casual guy in a pub. Now that lady gets hurt terribly.. If some guy commented to her post that.. He thot she was behaving like an easily available girl around the corner, who s desperate to be hitched by anyone..
Frankly speaking I dont find anything wrong with a guy’s comment. Its truth he s speaking.. But that blogger and her bandwagon of likeminded readers, bombarded their filth on this poor guy in term of warning and what not.. I seriously don’t understand that.. .Thats unfair.. a person should be allowed to speak what they feel. When you can write anything you want.. People can say anything they feel about it. I agree it should not be beyond belt.. But at least something like crystal clear truth.. Those “personal” bloggers should be ready to bear with.

I sometime find my comments also making people uncomfortable just for truth of it. I don’t intend to be bitter. But if some highly opinionated person decided to say something controversial. If intellectual mind in me wants to say the truth. i often feel either i shud let it go.. or i shud sugar coat it.. Thats not good exchange of thoughts I think..
Most of the time I ignore to say it. but when it gets too much on my head I say out.. So is it always that so called spontaneous people wants to brashly open their lives to public.. and then they want whole of crowd to share thie piece of opinions on it..
I think thats narrow thinking..

I wish if we get wisdom to filter stark truth from irrational bitterness.. Only then, even comments on these personal blogs can be “more honest and yet a healthy discussion of thoughts. Should not blogging be that? Then some fifty odd likeminded people nodding in unison.. Saying I so very feel it.. So nice and etc etc..There is no healthy discussion if there’s no difference of opinion. If there’s no discussion of thoughts, then there is no growth of perceptions.. I think that’s killing the whole point of expressing your thoughts to thoughtful people.. I agree irrationals jerks should be ignore without a discussion. But not the sensible minds, Who just happen to not think on same lines. His/her opinion may be worth a discussion..


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  1. Deepak said,

    I have reading your blog off and on. But every time I wanted to comment, I could not come-up with anything more interesting than to say…Amazing 🙂 so didnt say anything more.

    Today also nothing more to add. I am too tired to think of an different opinion… and by now know that you have good sense of humour and take anything with a pinch of humour…

    So jst wanted to say Hi and Your thoughts are simply amazing 😉

  2. Hi,
    So nice to hear from you.
    He he..You always add your style to the compliment. Thanks.. And it’s always nice to hear “Amazing” any number of times 😉

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