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What I don’t want to be …

Posted in Uncategorized by dearestfriend on April 12, 2007

Often we spend lots of our time thinking what I want to be, where I want to be, am I going in right direction.. Is my life leading where I want it to.. etc etc..
Very small part of our time, if at all we do.. think a bit what things we immediately disliked in others.. And I am sure we often forget to cross check within us, if we ourselves have those dreaded attributes..

I realised that way back.. when I read John Gray’s “Seven Habbit of Highly effective people”.
If you havent yet.. Do grab a copy. It’s worth reading and re-reading.. I read it some 4-5 times.. and still reading it 6th time.. Every time I read I wonder How true eveything is.
In one of the chapters, He asks to imagine you attending your own funeral..and just wander around to hear what people are talking among themselves..
Than imagine what we would want people to talk about us, when we are no more.. That s where your vision of life should come from. Amazing and beautifully put I guess.
So once i realized, its worth to think on those lines.. I broke it down to small steps.. First to know what I dont want to be.. second what I am already.. What of it I want to continue having..what of It I want to drop…

So the very first step..
What i dont want to be.. (this list keeps adding as and when I find some attributes which i dislike immediately).. Over the time I have developed the habbit, of not disliking people.. but their behaviourial attributes.And I guess it helps to like more people..
so there goes my list..

– cribbing and sulking old woman…
– un-appreciative relative
– judgemental
– person with short temper
– Person who care too much about money
– someone who cannot crack one joke a day
– someone who cannt tolerate bitterness
– a person without compassion
– who has no heart to do charity
– irresponsible employee
– unavaible friend
– unloving spouse
– too busy to see what a kid has to show
– person with no time to pray
– a guilty offspring , who has behaved bad with his parents
– a person who have no time to water her plants and talk with them 🙂
– too busy for creative arts
– not be able to do pedicures 😉
– person who does n’t love movies, laughters,giggles and unstoppable giggles. 🙂


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