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Posted in Fiction by dearestfriend on April 10, 2007

This was a teacher we all knew who had given us so much more than education. In retrospect, It was whole 10-11 months in 9th class. Whole year, We really behaved bad for her. In the end she made it all so sweet and memorable for us. Okay so let me begin with her first day..
She came in class looking very idiotic and nervous.. Her hair style was funniest of all. She had two loosely tied braids which had stupid curls done to it. Otherwise her hair were good, long black.. she just messed it with untidy curls. Then her smile was so awful. I mean you could feel her teeth would fall off if she laughed one second more than she did..
We all mocked about her sense of dressing. We thought she wasn’t all that ugly as she looked. In the chic school we were , it was all but essential to be well manicured and pedicured. You have to look ” hygienic ” 🙂
yeah it was called “unhygienic” if someone didn’t have money or time to wax the legs for those smart skirt which was in our uniform. Not that school authorities called it “unhygienic”.. but so called ‘hi-society” gals called it.
She came to teach us physics. And when our senior teacher introduced to her, She said she was gold medalist student, Who opted teaching out of her desire to share her knowledge and kind of platform teaching provides to reach out so many energetic minds. It sounded to us, as if “who cares” why she opted what in her life.
First few weeks, gals were too outrageous for her.. No one listened to her. Everyone continued their non-sense chatter well past lunchtime. Her period used to be after lunch. Other would just put the head down and sleep. She tried every possible thing, she could. She tried to speak with each one of us. She asked personally what we don’t like about physics. But no one seemed to respond. She finally had to escalate to senior teacher about it. Senior teacher has the right knowledge, where to hit it to get gals working. She just asked everyone to have no lunch until her class is over. Faster people responded, faster they will get their lunch time. Else no lunch time.. You got to wait till the all classes are over.
And Big Deal.. She would personally sit in the class for few weeks and take a test. On this test basis she will allow annual fest participation. Now that was tough one. Annual Fest was the only time , these rich gals had time to show off their expensive dresses and music and dance sense. So initial hiccup was cleared for Physics Mam..
We would sit and listen to her.. Though no one really cared for all the practical work she would bring along to explain those principles in action. Once she got a huge water tub filled with water and some stupid heavy object to explain Archmedies principle of byoancy

All we could do was laugh incessantly. And later on enact her words. She was growing fast with our syllabus. She almost did whole of year syllabus in 5 months. That helped some girls to avoid otherwise Tuitions. So we were growing to realize her sincerity. Now her human angle never came in picture. Until one day, when a gal didn’t come to class. She knew that gal had come to school that day. Then why not in her class. Her concerned self had her calling her home , and finding out if she was fine. Now that was height.
Since this gal was obviously out without her parent’s knowledge. Next day that gal blasted her in front of whole class.
“How dare you call my parents. If I am not present in your class. You are not supposed to bother my parents. Anyway who listens to your classes. these front seated 8-10 oils headed gals. You know what s your problem.. Your problem is … you should be married by now and bothered about your life.. Than taking life out of other’s lives.. Next time you do this to me; remember your job is still ad-hoc here. and my dad gives fattest donation in this school…”

First time we saw that teacher not spreading her ugly smile in our class. She was quiet, she said sorry to the gal and took her books and left. Whole class was more than grim.. Nobody could guess that someone would actually speak so much back to a sincere teacher like that.
Now that gal was big bully gal. So no one complained anything. The teacher didn’t come to class for couple of days. We were all relived to have longer lunch break.. After two weeks, everyone grew worried bcos teacher had given her resignation and Senior teacher had come to class to ask about what has happened. No one would say anything.. Senior teacher knew us too well. So she started singling each one out.. Who said what to her..
After 2-3 hours of futile effort, she sat in despair.. And said.. you kids dont know what you have done to an innocent person.. This gal is a gem,and anyone hurting won’t feel good if I tell you. This gal was an orphan and she raised herself out of making baskets, working as maids …and you know what she s much better person than you all are. She didn’t say anything about you folks.
All this was too much to hear for one of us. She came out and told what had happened. Senior teacher knew the knack it taking from there. She called gal’s parents and told how badly behaved their daughter was. Principal and Senior teacher were going to suspend this gal, When the teacher came and rescued her saying.. She is like her younger sister. If she ever had younger sister, She would imagine her to be as bubbly and as outspoken this gal was..
The gal got to stay on. and teacher got endeared to us bit more. From there on, we never did anything to mock her.

Today after so many years of class 9th, I sit in class teaching folks the same physics principles she has taught me once. And I still wonder what made her so enthusiastic about all she taught us, Was it just her radiance or the tough childhood she gone through gave her that extra charm and grace which sometime most of us remain unaware of whole life.


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