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Posted in QLP (QuickLilPoem) by dearestfriend on April 3, 2007

Hope in the face of despair ;
Can be the biggest support you ever gave yourself.
Just when there is no reason to be positive,
Keeping the fire in you kindled and alive;
can be hard at times.
Just when you see mighty winds,
blowing your fragile world apart.
It can be crushing to see it all
going to ashes.
But when all the darkness ends and sun rises
You will have a stronger you,
Who has withered just another storm.
It pays to hold on to all convictions and beliefs,
you have acquired in growing up.
Co’z you will have the source in you
who will help you going for more stroms to come.
So hold on tighter when the winds are stronger
Keep looking up, so you will know
How much more time left for sun to come…


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