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Dreams, Do they really mean anything..

Posted in Chit-Chat,Free thoughts by dearestfriend on March 28, 2007

Now this is rather curious of me, Wondering, What dreams really mean..
We often confuse dreams with ambitions in literal sense. When We say.. Continue dreaming. If you are not dreaming, you are not living…If you can dream, you can do it.. Etc etc..
But when we say dream, don’t we really mean ambition here..
I have nothing against ambition. Only one composed thought I have for it.
” It should never govern you. You should be able to make it work for you. ”
I have always seen it other way around.


One of Freud’s more important discoveries is that emotions buried in the unconscious surface in disguised form during dreaming, and that the remembered fragments of dreams can help uncover the buried feelings.

Above is brief message about dreams from Sigmund Freud. I don’t believe in any school of philosophy much. Because I believe not following one, gives you liberty to evaluate others. Clever of me 😉

I don’t know If I can apply above to all my dreams. Last night I saw a very amusing dream. Though I don’t think it’s some kindda buried emotion or anything.,
I saw my family is travelling to somewhere with 4 infant kids.. Whole of the dream, I dint find it important to know, whom kids belonged to. They seemed real chubby cute kids.. They kept whole family busy. So I am assuming they would belong to us in some way.. When I got up in morning, I was wondering where the crowd has gone 🙂

Well, I have this bad habit of remembering my dreams. Now I have grown to realize, It ‘s good to forget something. I would pen some memorable dreams I have had and still remember them.

– I somehow got power to fly. I would just take 2-3 long steps and start flying 🙂 Sounds cool , right. But I do remember it was very nice feeling being in air.

– I am some dead queen or king in last birth. And I suddenly remember my hidden treasure. I don’t know where I tracked to, but I really went to a place where i saw huge boxes of wealth..

– This is very weird .. But it did happen. I saw some unknown people in dream. And in few weeks time I did came across those people in my day to day life.

– A very beautiful home, Which looks something like these Hollywood celebrities own. The catch is I was dancing in the house. So obviously it belonged to me 🙂

These are few dreams which I have fondly remembered. Rest bad ones.. I choose to forget.. If you feel like, you can share any sweet dream you remember fondly too..


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