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When my professor fell off :-)

Posted in Chit-Chat,Smile and Giggles by dearestfriend on March 27, 2007

I know I should not be joking about it..
But you know someday it happens, You want to recollect funny incidents in your life. So yet another funny memory. I would love if you want to pen down any of you funny memories too..
I was going to late afternoon boring engineering lab session. We were 3 of us chatting our way from hostel to lab..We saw our most irritating Lady Professor just drive by on her famous scooter πŸ™‚
She was irritating person, who would irritate us twice. Once in classes, second as a hostel warden. I think she is most non-dynamic person I ever saw in engineering stream. She was going towards a cross section in college campus, From other end our another Professor was coming ( this professor was to take our lab session). They both collided and the scene was so funny that our Lady Professor rolled over our other young professor and his friend sitting on back seat of bike. I was so over amused that I laughed my stomach out.. And my other friend was laughing too. But somehow lab professor seems to only have noticed me. As a penalty, he did bug me for whole of the semester and during my exam lab, in viva session. These were conversations:
Prof: Yes, So you seem to be quite a topper in your class. So what do you know about survey engineering?
Me : Little bit , sufficient enough to pass though third semester

Prof : Hmmm, By the way have you learnt Sanskrit?
Me: (amused on thought maybe he thinks my pronunciation is too good) Yes, indeed I have read personally too.

Prof : good.. So I hope you have also read, “Vinay vidwanasya abhushanam asti”
Me : Yes I have.

Prof : What does it mean?
Me: It means learned people should be polite and respectable to others.

Prof: Wonderful, So you know it. Good. So now That I know that you know it. And I also know that other day you laughed real loud at me. How many marks do you think I should give you out of 25?
Me : (Firstly I am surprised that out of 3 months since the incident , he still seems to have imprinted it in his mind) I said, As much as a person of my caliber should get.

Prof: Hmm..So what s your caliber? You have the ability to laugh loudest out of 200 meters range from lab on your professor.
Me: (by Now, I had realized he s ragging me hard) See Sir, you have liberty to do as you think right. Frankly speaking If you were in my place and you had kind of personality I have. You would laugh out loud and still be respectful for the people involved in it. The whole humor was not becos you were there.. it was bcos of awkwardness of madam rolling over. But I must say sorry for it, as it’s not appropriate.

Prof: Ok, I think you may go now
Me: Thanks Sir.

While I was coming out of the lab, I thought I would flunk this lab session. But surprisingly he did give some 23 out of 25. So He was n’t all that unfair too..


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  1. Deepak said,

    You seem to be lucky on that occasion πŸ˜‰

    Once my math teacher was trying to figure out answer for an algebra problem and she ended up deriving a wrong conclusion.
    The way whole thing went, I could not resist my laughter.

    And the result, the whole year when ever even if I was even smiling, she thought that she was the centre of attraction and bullied.

    I still can’t forget those days….. they were golden days indeed…enjoyed every moment of them.

  2. Very true. It s always nostalgic to run back in memories to find the funny ones.
    College and school days are best, I guess. May be bcos to enjoy real fun, one needs to be bit careless and less mature. More mature we become , lesser we tend to laugh on stupid things πŸ™‚

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