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Humorous Tickle

Posted in Chit-Chat by dearestfriend on March 26, 2007

Well I would start this with a personal story I can recall. And I still can’t help but laugh aloud.
Ok this was during a train journey in India. I was on train from Mumbai to Nasik. As usual it was full to its capacity. And I somehow was finding a place to stand for another 3-4 hours. Crowd was diverse from kids to beggars to hawkers to just about anybody. There were 3 Muslim ladies, who seemed close to each other. And they were travelling with their kids. So the seat where I was standing near had 3 ladies and 5 kids sitting. One thing noticeable about the family was they had more frequent eating breaks than usual. Every 10 minutes one of the ladies will get up and open one food can and start distributing to kids.. I dint know how hungry kids were.. But they all ate each time the food can was opened. They seemed to have carried lot of food and i saw atleast 4-5 huge food cans on over head rack plus lots of other baggage.

Those ladies were little sympathetic to me, since I had a huge travelling bag. They were seemingly trying to adjust to that buggy bag.
They even offered to make a place for me. I refused saying. “No I like standing in train “. Though the truth was I couldn’t think anybody could shrink more. Suddenly the lady sitting on floor gets up to get down. It was her destination station. Those Muslim ladies insisted a lot to me, that I sit there and be comfortable. I told them No I really prefer standing. We argue back and forth. Though I was getting little weaker with three adult ladies convincing me to sit there. After 5 minutes of their insisting and my refusal we reached a point where they kind of found me prude. One of the lady convinced herself by saying.. “Logg khade khade itna thak gaye hain.. kii baithne se bhi bezaar ho gaye hain” (means people are so tired standing, They don’t even want to sit now) . Another girl standing behind me thought its apt opportunity to grab a seat.
She came forward and offered to sit there. These ladies were so relaxed that at least some one has wisdom to follow their advice. After the reorg train goes on.. After some 10-15 minutes, there is sudden “Thud” voice… and we see the girl sitting on floor almost getting fainted. What has happened is, Muslim ladies have kept 5 liters water can on overhead rack. Which came failling down with a jerk on tracks.. I can’t imagine how strong I felt like laughing aloud.. It was so hard to control my laughter and be civil to that gal. I helped her out. I gave her some pain killer. The gal was almost unconscious. Now we were three people standing, two out those 3 Muslim gals and me. And to my surprise those Muslim ladies were laughing and telling me how good it was that I didn’t take that seat..:-)
Every time I think of that incidence I just can’t stop laughing.


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  1. Anonymous said,

    Now that’s what I call sixth sense!

  2. Yeah you are right. 🙂

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