Just write something …

Drizzling rain

Posted in QLP (QuickLilPoem) by dearestfriend on March 20, 2007

Rain! God’s way to show love to nature.

How appeasing it is when there is time to kill and just gaze at rain

It could be healing for whichever wound you are in.

Lil drops can take your pain away and give you the meaning

you could never get unless you slow down and watch’em

Rain is like child in us, it wants to splatter, dance and just laugh

We often look at muddy and wet part of it than realising

it could be fun to just let go ourselves sometimes.

To just forgive ourselves for whatever guilt , stupidity

we think we could have avoided, if we just thot more

It can be fun to be adult human, only if we allow it to be..


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