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Posted in Fiction by dearestfriend on March 19, 2007

When I sat in it yesterday night, I realised. it was n’t just darkness. It was my real self reaching out to me. And frantically telling i have been forcing myself it to do things which It don’t want to do.

I always grew up as well-behaved , well performing kid. Then suddenly i was thrown in frame of fame and money. I thought I deserved everything I had. Those who were poorer and inferior was born so for their deeds. They deserve where they were. I soon collected hordes of like minded people around me. They always said good things about me. They always made me feel royally. Life was fairytale to me. Helplessness, wretchedness and pain dint seem to touch my materialistically full life. Every day i found new interesting company, New promotional sign-up. Loads of money, Loads of good looking people and loads of vacuum , which i never realized anyway. Life in fast lane of fast city was never fast enough for me. I was running faster than it.. so it always had things for me to get engaged in.

 Until i met that little beggar gal on local railway station in Bombay , India. She was by far the most bubbly kid i have seen. The rags she wrapped herself in, defied her grace. The innecence in her eyes made me stop by.

You would wonder what a reigning music celebrity was doing in local railway station on Bombay. Well It was on the way to my trip to Goa. We had some nice Casino opening. I was playing chief host to it. And Bombay had worst rains that year. It just poured way bit more than city could handle. I was caughtup in that rain. My car has collapsed. And I hired a cab. Cab person was not kind enough to tell me, we may get stuck in water If he tried the other shorter route to airport. There I was 6 hours drenched in water. And my assistant trying frantically to arrange a private plane.. Things were just stuck at that point. But now I would rather thank that moment to open my wisdom.

Yeah So i was there near railway station. I was walking with couple of my folks around. There i saw these beggar kids giggling and laughing. I paused for a minute and saw this gal, Barely 7-8 years old. I don’t think her face showed she had enough diet for ages. But there was something magnetic in that gal. That I could n’t help noticing. gal was co-ordinating 6-7 kids and teaching them some newly coined water game..

The girl was shouting at those who dint conform. I was amazed at oblivion and matter of fact attitude of these kids had for situation. I stood there to watch their game. Little did i realise That in few minutes, I became their next game. Seeing some foreigner watchingthem is something they haven’t quite got used to. I heard someone making joke on my “Too pink” complexion.

I went up to those kids and introduced myself. I am John andrews, What s your names. There was louder laughter. My assistants came running to me.. Sir, these are street kids. You shouldn’t talk to them. They are very dirty. You might catch some infection blah blah…

I instructed those folks to just leave me with kids for some time. Being the secuirty agents they have to listen to me. so they stood by.

I went up to the gal. And asked her I am staying in that Hotel Taj near Gateway of India. Please visit with your friends on friday. We will all go have some nice food and will go to some theme park. The gal was looking askance to me. As if I am fool and she doesnot care. Kids dint say anything. they just ran away with her included giggling rather badly. I told secuirty agents to find their homes and tell their parents to get them to my place. I just wanted to spend some time with the kids. Such an absolute grit to live under such harsh reality and that too with a verve needs lots of guts. I wanted to learn, what makes these kids so happy and giggling. Why I was not giggling enough with best of toys in my childhood.

Next day I wainted in my hotel lobby. My trip to Goa had got postponed for a week. My assistant could get finally find a way to safely drop me in hotel back. Here I was in my abosulte luxurious suite wondering about that kid. Nobody came next day. I kep waiting for few minutes and then i called my assitants. Ordered them to rather be quick and find those folks. They did tie up with hotel folks and further to some other agents. Finally they could figure the address. they hired a local girl to convince thier parents. And finally I had those kids next day morning in my hotel room. There was only one problem., the girl had got her stray dog also inside a 5-star hotel. And hotel folks definitely found it little less pleasing.

But for the fact that kids were visiting me, Hotel folks had to allow that dog. I asked the kids to have breakfast with me in my executive suite. Kids were way too bemused to be around such luxury. they were little quiet initially , after two hours they were all over the room. The gal was as usual leading the group. She told her name surkhi. It meant red in english. And she was aware of it. I asked if she knew how to read and write. To my surprise she did. She said she has one old masterji in her slum area. He teaches these kids in evening when these kids are not doing their job.

We just completed our breakfast. And one kid asked..”Abhi kya karne kaa hai uncle” (means what to do now?) I told, we are all goingto “essel world”. Its entrainment park in bombay. Kids were too amused to react. They asked if they will go in local. Local?? what is local? its train , came the reply. I said, No we are going in our car. Thought of air condition Bus dint amuse kids much. but more or less they were happy . Here we reached entertainment park. continues………


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