Just write something …

A lil poem for my future Kid-to-be…… Souvie

Posted in QLP (QuickLilPoem) by dearestfriend on February 12, 2007

Your little thought make me wonder,

If you are around here

How you can not exist now and come sometime later

How you can be my and Tun’s mixed replica

How you can come out of me and still be yourself

Just how you would call me Mumma and Tun your papa..

Would I make a bad and screaming mum to you

Or a very forgiving ever loving one

Why i feel the surge of love in me when I think of you

My Dear Souvie, I dont know if you will be boy or a gal. but for now just for fun i want to assume it’s a son

Will you be flirtatious or very serious one

How you could get your pa’s charms and still my heart

Would you come to quiet me when i cry my heart out

I would pray you get your pa’s masculine voice and my gentle heart

You get his height and my complexion

You get his brains and my soul

I can’t wait for you  to come

I know you find it funny that I am not even pregnant yet

And thinking so much of you

You know thoughts have huge power to attract the results

Just how you could come and sit in our car

Ok Souvie Talk to you later, got to get back to work.

Luv ya



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